Thoughts That Hurt to Think #043 – The dark side of the moon isn’t actually dark!

The first thing we should be clear on is that this discussion has nothing to do with Pink Floyd. I’m a big fan, but I’m not here to discuss whether or not one of their most popular albums was dark in tone or texture. In fact, we’re not here to talk about Pink Floyd at all.

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Thoughts That Hurt to Think #041 – If You’re Not Outraged…

The first time I ever saw the saying on a bumper sticker, I whooped and hollered and otherwise loudly proclaimed my support of it. Very few systems seemed set up to make life anything but hard on me when I was young, and I was kind of mad at the world. Consequently, that phrase really hit home with me at the time. You know the one I’m talking about, still pretty popular among the bumper sticker type…

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Thoughts That Hurt to Think #040 – Abraham Lincoln was Racist!

It doesn’t take much digging to find out what motivated Abraham Lincoln to go to such great lengths to fight slavery. He said it himself, according to history books, that the issue was not as important as the cause. He would have been willing to hitch his wagon to any socially charged issue that came along, and slavery came along.

Abraham Lincoln wanted to be able to tell everyone what they could and couldn’t do. He was not pleased with the restrictions placed on his power by states being allowed to run themselves. In many ways, this particular president single-handedly did more harm than any other president before or since.

He formed the federal government. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #040 – Abraham Lincoln was Racist!”

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #039 – A slave by any other name…

A lot of people think slavery doesn’t exist in the United States any more, and some even think slavery has been eliminated worldwide. Although most folks are aware that a number of slaves were brought to America from other countries back in the day, they don’t all seem to know that the circumstances of many people today strongly resemble the conditions slaves existed in yesterday. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #039 – A slave by any other name…”

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #037 – Some Rehabilitation Actually Works!

More than one social critic has pointed out that the justice system in America should maybe be called ‘the revenge system’ instead. Whether you agree with the way the country treats criminals or not, you have to be pretty short-sighted to disagree with this assessment. We talked about how no behavior exists in a vacuum last week, in ‘Bullying a bully is still bullying’; let’s go into it a little more deeply here.

Social pressure is a strange thing. It makes for some very pretty diamonds, but it crushes a lot of perfectly good souls along the way. We can’t say we don’t know what life would be like without civilization, since modern day life exists on Earth right there alongside what we would call primitive life. Yet somehow we don’t understand what we give up when we leave that life behind completely.

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Thoughts That Hurt to Think #036 – Bullying a Bully is Still Bullying!

The most ridiculous thing I could start out saying here is that I don’t enjoy violence in my entertainment. Many of my favorite television shows and movies and books have some pretty epic gore in them, and I don’t really see a problem with that. I even enjoy crafting those scenes, when a book I’m writing calls for them. You don’t have to press me to admit that I like watching the baddies get murdered by the goodies, or even tortured under special circumstances. Hell, I’ll proclaim it proudly. This may be the result of me growing up where I did, and having the options to click through that I did; but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

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Because what you want matters to me…

I love writing blog posts. Last year, I wrote a bunch of blog posts designed to help the writer who was just getting started or was still struggling with those first few books. It was called Why I Love to Write, and the posts are still all available to read by following the link denoted by the blue text up there. This year, I am writing about the things that make me wonder why people as a whole do the things we do. The series is called Thoughts That Hurt to Think, and I hope you have been keeping up with those posts. If not…once again, follow that blue link for more.

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Thoughts That Hurt to Think #035 – Undeveloped Brains Make Big Decisions!

When science discovered that the typical human brain doesn’t fully develop until about twenty-five years of age, the government did a strange thing. They put restrictions on things like when a person could drink and vote and get married and fight in a war. Makes sense, right? You can’t prosecute someone who isn’t really responsible yet, any more than you can give them the same freedom of choice that you can adults. Where it really goes off the rails is when you look at what ages got assigned for these things.

None of them landed at twenty-five, the age when brain maturity is actually achieved. The drinking age started as a state decision, but the federal government later figured out a way to get around that. Under the threat of losing funding for their highways, every state that let people under twenty-one drink opted for better roads and a higher drinking age. That was in 1984. The year, not the book.

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When the last thing you want to be is you…

For me, thoughts that hurt to think are still fun to write about. That’s the theme for my blog this year, and I sort of hope the reason you’re stopping by is because you have been enjoying them so much. A lot of the knowledge that we all live with can be a little mind-bending, but that doesn’t mean critical thinking should be tossed out just to keep it straight.

I don’t just blog, though; I write books, too. My favorite question of all time, since I first learned what a question was, has always been ‘what if…?’ Those two words can start off infinite endings, with even more questions arising from each answer. Sometimes these thought experiments can teach us things in a way that talking about the real world can’t, and sometimes it takes a while to spell them out properly. Books have always meant a great deal to me; now that I write them, they mean even more. I’ve been known to go on and on about where my ideas come from and how I view my characters, but that’s not what we’re here for.

Today I want to talk about the book I have just completed. Continue reading “When the last thing you want to be is you…”

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #034 – Children Are More Marginalized Than Anyone!

Very few children commit murder.

They don’t wage war, or commit rape, or write ridiculous laws.

All in all, children are the most peaceful and non-violent group that our country can categorize; as our country so likes to do. They’re also more discriminated against than any other group. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #034 – Children Are More Marginalized Than Anyone!”