The Expulsion of Poisons

[This journal entry is from February 15th, 2005. As always, Jay’s current thoughts about this entry are in the post script – Dawn]

The Expulsion of Poisons

     It can be such an easy thing to become filled with poisons, I know. Physical poisons come in all shapes and sizes, in all conceivable potencies. From refined sugar to cocaine to cyanide, physical poisons can affect a person’s physical state profoundly. This, in turn, affects their emotional state, their mental state and indeed their entire being. There are of course those highly elevated beings who are immune to any such poisons. For those of us still working on achieving such states, however, the expulsion of poisons is very important.

There are mental poisons as well, of course, and we’ve discussed them before. Negative thoughts of any kind are poisonous in nature. Thinking that the odds are against something beautiful and miraculous happening, thinking you’ll never find a better job or the career you were born to do, thinking you may never find a person worth sharing your life with… all negative thoughts are poisonous to your whole being. Negative thoughts make putting forth effort towards a better life seem futile. This robs you of your motivation and causes tomorrow to be even more negative for you.

     Negative thoughts sometimes lead to negative emotions, while other times negative emotions are what leads you to negative thoughts. It doesn’t really matter which comes first, they will always go hand-in-hand; even more so if left unchecked.

     We expel physical poison in a variety of ways. From breathing right (or just better today than you did yesterday) to eating right (or just better today than yesterday, again) to exercising, we can get rid of every undesirable in our physical makeup.

     When we exercise, we sweat. Sweat is a beautiful example of how our mind-body-feeling package works to expel toxins. Exercise opens up our pores and out come the toxins to be carried away by our perspiration. The body is so full of good movement, good healthy exertion, it gets rid of the bad automatically. You don’t have to ask it or instruct it to do so, you just have to move around a bit. What a cool system.

     Our minds work on a very similar principle. When we exercise our minds through reading, writing or learning, the mind gets rid of the crap that isn’t serving you to make room for the stuff that will. Meditation and prayer of course cleans the mind, the body and the emotional body trough the same basic principle. Even if you’re just breathing in and out for two minutes with no thoughts, it’s incredibly liberating. Your emotions will come back stronger and healthier, your thoughts will take on a rosier glow; and the doctor would agree that your strong and steady heart rate and your lowered blood pressure are physically pleasing. Move your mind, emotions and body just a step in a positive direction and see what happens.

Post Script

     What a negative way to talk about such a beautiful process. I would point out that poison is a bad word to use here; even toxin is a poor choice, I’m afraid. If I think of a poison, I think of something you eat or drink that stops the typical human heart within a few minutes. When I think of toxins, I think of the way laboratory created chemicals have found their way somehow into much of what the people in my culture eat and drink and breathe; and what the obvious and subtle effects of these toxins have on the human body and mind.

     Which brings us to the good part. Negative thoughts and emotions stopped looking like poison to me a long time ago, or even toxic. Hell, they stopped looking negative. I might see them as resistance that is simply a part of the call to action. If you raise an animal outdoors in adverse conditions, the animal will adapt to survive and can go on to thrive. If you raise an animal indoors in ideal conditions, the animal will likely die at its first exposure to the adverse conditions its hypothetical counterpart was able to thrive in. Try getting an airplane into the air without resistance, or a car to start, or a species to evolve. Resistance is an important aspect of growth and development individually, culturally and universally.

     First, let’s look at resistance and the part it plays in personal development. Let’s take up a perspective that needs and loves becoming happier with every tomorrow than it was yesterday, and embrace resistance as another tool in the toolbox we all have within to work on ourselves.

     Next, let’s look at a simple model for the hierarchy of power within ourselves and in our lives. It’s just three words, placed in a particular order, that shows both the downward spiral effect of beliefs and the upward spiral effect of experience. Here it is:


     The emotional and mental can be broken up for other purposes, but here they can be categorized together under “mind”. This model can be applied socially and universally by using different words or phrases at the three levels, but the individual must make an example of themselves before gaining the perspective that can create an untainted evolutionary offering.

     The body is a good thing to learn about, as simple breathing techniques and dietary focus and movement routines can bring it to a higher level of function that will spiral up into the mind and spirit with its benefits. The mind is so important to learn about, and in learning about it we discover that certain mental and emotional habits can improve the way the body functions to the point of being able to fight off or overcome dis-ease, perform beyond normal physical limitations and even halt or reverse the aging process. Studying the mind leads inevitably to reaching beyond the mind, where spirit waits.

     Spirit’s effect on the body is tempered by the mind’s beliefs about the body. History is littered with examples of demonstrations of this, big and small. In some cultures, a fellow in a loincloth with a bone through his nose does a little dance and a villager is healed. In some cultures, drinking herbs and being poked with needles makes or keeps those seeking health healthy. In some cultures, a dude in a white coat with a stethoscope around his neck can give a terminally ill patient a sugar pill and the patient is cured. In every culture, true Masters appear and forego all the trappings and just put their hands on people and heal them. These are all demonstrations of Spirits ability to express it’s power in the body by either tricking someone into believing something which then becomes true (is that a trick or is that results?) or overcoming someone’s belief system with a higher and stronger belief system anchored in truth.

     This world is abundant with people selling poison as medicine, and they are entirely dependent on the people they are trying to trick believing in their magic for the cure to work. Many of them actually believe their belief system works, and so it often does for them. They amass evidence of when their system works and guiltlessly explain away the people their poison hurts or kills. The origin of medicine, however, is the same origin as science or technology or religion; and the bare bones truth is the same whether one’s belief system is anchored in beautiful fact or mechanized evolution or worshipping idols: it is always the individual’s power or perception that does the healing.

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