In The Beginning…

     This week’s blog marks a change; an ending and a new beginning that really is a continuation. In short, I feel an explanation of sorts is in order. Some time ago, I gave Dawn a stack of journals to extract material from and type up entries for me to write commentaries on that would become my weekly blog. She was delighted to find a notebook that had entries with titles and clear beginnings and endings. She went to work typing them up and putting them in my inbox, I went to work writing commentaries, and the blog was born.

     I couldn’t help but notice that an earlier journal had been bypassed, one that had a lot of entries that I am particularly fond of. I had to ask, and the ensuing conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hey, why didn’t you start with the notebook with the red cover? You know, the one where the first paragraph says ‘Well, now… here we are at the beginning, and I dare say that’s a splendid place to start’?”

Dawn: “Yeah, I looked at that one. It’s hard to tell where one entry starts and another begins. Sometimes you go off on tangents that seem like you’re changing subjects entirely, only to return to the original subject much later. There are dates at the top of some pages, at the bottom of others, and sometimes it looks like you started a sentence on one day and didn’t finish the sentence until days or even weeks later.”

Me, grinning: “Yeah, I know! It’s great, isn’t it?” (looks thoughtful for a moment.) “Oh, okay.”

     What happened during the “me looking thoughtful” part was me looking over the clean house, the weeded garden, the hundreds of book pages typed up, the healthy meal schedule and the host of other things my girlfriend/manager/Girl Friday/helpmate was responsible for and realizing she had a point. The reason her and I have very few disagreements is the same reason I lose very few arguments: I know when I’m right, but I also know when other people are right. [I didn’t pay him to say any of that. Swear! – Dawn]

     So I said, “oh, okay.”

     Now we have run out of the neatly titled entries, and Dawn has come up with the perfect solution for figuring out when to start and stop with my earlier ramblings. She typed up a stack of pages and politely said, “You figure it out.” See? Perfect.

     So here is the first entry, the first page of the first journal I wrote that I didn’t go back to later and wonder if maybe there was something wrong with me back then. If you have read my book, “Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light”, you may detect a little plagiarism in this entry. The entry came first, if you are curious. (If you haven’t read my book, you really should.)

     I like this entry. I’ll have plenty of criticism for the rambling disjointed thoughts to follow, but I’ll let this one stand on its own… except for one thing. We need a title. How about “In The Beginning…”? Seems appropriate. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading!

10/14/97 – In The Beginning…

     Well now… let us begin at the beginning, shall we? There are, indeed, so many wonders to behold and lessons to learn, roles to play and lives to live. Yet here we are at the beginning, and I dare say that’s a splendid place to start.

     For in the beginning there is no flesh. There is no physical realm, no time and no space. There is no money, no social system, no past and no future. There is no separation, no pain, no healing to be done. There is only Love, and the Eternal Now.

     We begin as Spirits. A Spirit is a being, but not a being as we see or define it. A Spirit is a being of pure light, which is to say, pure Love. The Spirit sees and knows everything… everything but separation. The Spirit is part of the whole that is Life, and in being a part, it is the whole.

     The Spirit can create and experience lifetimes of adventures in a moment’s moment, for the eternal Now contains all adventures, all learning, and all experience. The Sprit needs no one’s belief, it simply is. You can not believe in it, you can only know it, for belief is intellectual, while knowing is experiential.

     We are physical creations of the Spirit. As a puppet master will Lovingly design and create a puppet, so does the Spirit design and create the physical body. As you can see, however, we need not obey the pull of each string. We are given Life, as the puppet never knows it, and Free Will. We can, and all too often do, ignore the pull of each string until we no longer even detect the inclination.

     Now, I realize that being the puppet strikes our ears and sounds like being a slave, while enjoying free will sounds so very sweet. This springs from our mistaken belief that we are only the puppet, and that this huge being hovering over us is some control freak whose identity is completely separate from ours.

     What we must realize is that we can be whole, we are the puppet master and his fleshly manifestation. We were not sent here by some unfathomable, omnipotent being to struggle and toil in situations and circumstances he need never face. We came here voluntarily, for the very adventure of facing situations and circumstances we’ve never had the opportunity to experience. Spirit (or God, if you must) is not a being from some abstract realm that knows nothing of being human. Spirit is the being of which we are a part that knows everything there is to know about being human. Our mistake is that we put everything backasswards. We are not human beings; We are simply being human, and only for a drop in the ocean of time.

Do you have a spiritually charged word or subject that you’d like Jay to write about? Send your requests to, or leave a comment on the blog. We look forward to hearing your ideas. And thanks for reading!

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