Why All the God Talk? Part 2 of 4: Separation

[This is the second part of a journal entry that was originally written between October 30th – November 3rd, 1997 (read Part 1: The Ancient Automobile here). You can read what Today Jay has to say about what Yesterday Jay wrote in the Post Script. Enjoy!]

Yet with the intelligence and awareness there had come another creation: Separation. They saw only with their eyes, felt only with their skin, heard only with their ears. They experienced the world not as part of them, but as a place they were. They experienced time not as a creation, but as a reality, an absolute. Their experience was hugely limited, for they saw themselves as beings in themselves… perhaps a creation of another being, but certainly not a part.

This separation became a great phenomenon in and of itself. Each man and woman’s individual memories and experiences became their only source of wisdom, intelligence, and point of view. Confined within this system, each individual lost sight of the truth of the larger picture, and became unable to, as a speck of sand, see the entire beach. Sometimes other specks of sand, but very rarely the beach.

This led to greater separations. One man was born to a wealthy, noble family; another was born to a violent, poor, dysfunctional one. The wealthy man couldn’t understand how one could be born any way but wealthy, and spat on the violent, poor commoner. The violent, poor commoner couldn’t understand why he was born poor, so he stole from the noble and wealthy.

One nation felt it’s people needed to be regulated, another felt its people needed to be allowed to act out and behave however they felt. Neither system worked perfectly, and never will. However, these separations, these differences, became the cause of disharmony and eventual all out war.

In every age there were people striving to bring the truth out in the light, and in every age they were a minority. The truth of the matter being that we are all one. We are all here for various reason, but there is one reason we all must find together. Love. Where one individual fails, his unit fails. Where one nation fails, its world fails. We’re here to find unity. We’re here to find Love. We’re here to be happy. We’re here to realize that we are not separate, and as a unit we can bring Heaven to Earth.

The more you search for truth, the more shall be revealed to you. The more you open your eyes, the more you shall see. Time and experience changes us all; either our eyes are opened more and more, or they are shut more and more. They do not, will not, and can not stay at the same place. Change will occur; if you fight and resist it, you will succeed only in closing your eyes; if you accept it and welcome it, it will open your eyes.

Post Script

“Yet with the intelligence and awareness there had come another creation: Separation.” Let’s just say I might have fudged my timeline a little bit there in the beginning, allowing that awareness and intelligence may have come first. This is a pivotal subject, at least for me, and certainly one I’ve thought about a number of times in the years since I wrote this entry.

Separation is a strange phenomenon. Every spiritual tradition worth its books has a story of the prodigal son, who ventures forth to claim his destiny, searching for ages only to discover it when he gives up and comes home. Without the desire to venture forth, there are not tales of danger and adventure to test the soul’s mettle; without the journey, there can be no homecoming. Yet there can be no surprisingly glorious homecoming until there is a great giving up. It’s nice to think there may be a way to just “get it” and turn around before the first dark night falls on the soul’s journey. Needless to say, that has not been my experience.

Every soul seems to handle separation differently. Some seem not to experience it at all, or be bothered by it if they do. Others have a lost and lonely look in their eyes that tells the essence of their whole story. Many people with addiction or self-control issues embody the pain of separation in a very visible way. I totally agree with Yesterday Jay in his assessment of separation causing all war, within and without. Feeling separate can go in an infinite number of dark directions, yet the direction can still be seen as a journey that will eventually lead the separated soul home.

What is it that we are separated from? How do we get separated from it? More importantly, how do we go home in glory instead of defeat?

Infinite Intelligence, the Primal Causative Force, Intuition, Deeper Knowing, A Sense of Oneness, God if you will . . . that’s what we somehow seem to exist in a dimension alongside of, when we experience this separation. The degrees of this separation are as infinite as the scenarios created by it, and the body bears its scars proudly or shamefully as the soul rides it through the wilderness of ignorance on its circuitous journey.

Here is where we can alter the prodigal son story to suit a more modern temperament. We can also stop being so sexist and change it to the prodigal daughter here if you would like. We all have a journey, after all; and we all have a home. The beauty is that we can blend the two as early as possible to give the journey more meaning while making home more familiar.

I was fortunate in that I was made aware of my sense of separation by having it evaporate one day. Somehow I merged with the Infinite without really meaning to, and the path for the rest of my journey suddenly stretched before me in an entirely different direction because of it. I have since learned the importance of productive time spent in every important category of life, the sacred need that the sensitive soul has to walk between worlds on a regular basis for nourishment and continuity. (I’m not calling myself a master practitioner or anything, but I have learned the importance of moving in that direction.)

This is where the seeking soul must recognize the illusory nature of what most folks call reality. It’s another tricky semantics trip, because the truth turns everything upside down. Slip behind the curtain just once, and you can never go back to thinking that the main stage is the whole world. Spend enough time behind the curtain, and you realize this is where the real work is done. What is a stage performance with no script, no practice and no skill? It’s a show not worth seeing, that’s what. And what is the point of a grand story that is never told, or a dream never pursued? The empty stage is as much of a waste as the empty inner life.

The world we see is the shadow cast by the reality we create. We can pretend that we create the stage itself, or we can pretend that we don’t; neither choice is as important as realizing that the only reason the stage even appears solid to us is because of the frequency at which the illusion is vibrating. If the stage changes frequency, or if we do, the illusion falls away like so much energetic confetti.

It’s just as confusing to call solid objects illusory as it is to call God a being. Perhaps these are two more common misconceptions being passed from one generation to the next to cause compounded confusion and continual separation. If science can tell us that it has clearly defined and mapped a small percentage of what we seem to see, our hearts can see that the remaining majority is neither empty space nor emotionless void. Most of what we see and touch and hear and taste is love. God, if you will.

The main criticism I would bring up here is not unfamiliar territory. When the young idealist looks around, he or she often thinks all of their problems would be solved if the rest of the world would just shape up. I was no exception, but that view has definitely changed over time.

I’m here to find love, to bring happiness into my life in every way and at every opportunity. The rest of the world gets to decide what it is here for. The time I used to spend trying to figure out how to fix the world is now time spent making myself more who I want to be. Those who couldn’t care less about happiness are plentiful, and in my happy world that’s okay. Those whose interests do lie in this direction will hopefully find something in my writing well worth the reading.

It really isn’t much of a stretch to say you can find a way to do whatever it is you want to do in this world. It is a stretch to say that most people trying to make the world better have already perfected themselves. The world is arguably the way it is because it is much easier and much more common to point the searing eye of criticism outward than inward.

Yet in the end it is those cultivating peace in themselves that bring peace to the world, and many thanks to everyone that does. There is a multitude of pleasant vibrations sent out by them that anyone can tune in to and be lifted up by. Or you can go to war, or take yourself really seriously, or whatever. Like I said, do whatever you like, just like you already were.

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