So long, 2015 . . . and thanks for all the fish!

Well yeah, of course I’m a huge Douglas Adams fan. If you aren’t, have I got some fun homework for you! But first, read this . . .

2015 saw me reaching out in ways I never have, communicating with readers and other authors while working like mad to complete the Walking Between Worlds trilogy. In the upcoming year, I look forward to making an even greater effort to reach out and meet people. More book conventions and author expos are being scheduled, to be sprinkled liberally throughout the year. We plan to hit as many local events as possible, but we are also looking to find a few destinations that will require travel. One thing I would really like to do is make it to Canada to connect with some readers and authors there.

It was a wonderful thing to finally get the Walking Between Worlds trilogy out of my head. That was the overarching theme to 2015, for both Dawn and I, and we squeaked it out barely on schedule. 2016 will be focused primarily on bringing in another author or two and getting Sudden Insight Publishing’s growing library represented in as many places as possible. Yet in the midst of networking and editing and promoting, another project will be under way behind the scenes . . .

The next book is called Zombie Zero. Part of me wants to put aside everything and get this compelling story in print; but most of me recognizes that this is a year for strengthening weaknesses and reaching out. Reaching in will have to be done at a pace that might suit a more well-rounded individual, in a not-so-subtle attempt to become one. Rather than focus on one thing to the exclusion of all else and to the brink of burnout, I am looking to bring more balance to my life. That means I’m only promising to write one book this year; let’s hope the quality of the publication makes up for the lighter quantity. Of course, if we can sell enough books to get me out of my day job, that would happily change.

I will be regularly working on Zombie Zero, and plan to participate in as many #1linewed as possible as I do. That will give sneak peeks into the story as it comes to life, and prepare everyone for my first horror novel. Is there a sub-genre for philosophical horror? Maybe “Godly Gore”? That’s what we’re looking at here; some pretty bloody scenes are required whenever we tell an honest tale about nature’s ways. Even if it’s not your thing, I’ll be inviting and hopefully enticing you into trying horror just this once.

For now, I’d like to say thanks for reading. Whether it’s the blogs or the books or all of the above, I appreciate the company. I have many thoughts and plans for the year to come, and I hope to have you there enjoying my offerings. Happy Holidays and New Year to those celebrating and/or living by the same calendar as me; no offense to everyone else. Many thanks and much love to all . . .


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