The interview that never was

Dawn here, hijacking Jay’s blog for the first time in ages. Jay did a brief Q&A overview of 2015 back in December, for the Looking Back blog hop. The interview was to appear over New Years weekend, but the blog host experienced website issues and the hop stopped dead in its tracks. I hate to see his answers go to waste, so I’m going to post them here for your enjoyment. Happy reading!

1. What did I learn this year? In 2015 I learned more than ever about writing and editing, the time and effort required to turn a story from a series of scenes flashing behind my eyes to a book I can hold in my hands. I learned more than ever how much a strong partnership brings out the best in me, and hopefully I learned a little something about showing my appreciation for that. I learned even more about Walkers, and myself, and somehow God too. Oh, and Duolingo has told me about nine times that I am now seven percent fluent in Spanish. Mi Gusto!

2. What did I gain this year? My greatest accomplishments this year were shared accomplishments. My sweet love and I labored pretty much non-stop to publish books two and three in my first fantasy trilogy. A lot of other things make it onto my list of things to be grateful for, but I consider those books my greatest gains. There is a huge part of me out there in the world that was locked inside me for so long.

3. What is my New Years Resolution for 2016? My New Year’s Resolution for 1999 was to stop all this silly New Year’s Resolution nonsense. My new tradition (because the best way to get rid of a silly old tradition is to start an even sillier new one) is themes. Each year has a theme, and this year the theme is Balance. Of course, like resolutions, themes only stick when I stick to them. Last year the theme was books. Not easy, but fun; so fun. My mind is already working on a way to make the “balance” tip towards books another year.

Keep up with Jay’s attempts at balance on Twitter, where he tweets daily updates about his word count, book progress, and all of those MacGyver-style house projects.

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