#TodayIAmAWriter – New Writing Goals

Well, January looked a lot like September through December of last year did. I did a lot of book stuff, Dawn did a lot of book stuff, and most everything else got put off. That’s not bad; we added two new titles to the Sudden Insight Publishing library, and I wrote a lot in Zombie Zero. Oh, sorry, I should have capitalized that: I wrote A LOT in Zombie Zero. I wrote a little something every day, but most days I wrote well over a thousand words. Add that to the work I did on it in October, November and December leading up to that and…well, the first draft is pretty much done. Again, that’s not bad; but there are some issues.

The attic was scheduled to be halfway done by now. We’re sitting at about ten percent. The greenhouse should have been built by now, and there should be a bunch of little seeds ready to become plants to give us food. I only just laid the footprint for the structure this last weekend. There were supposed to be shelves in the media room closet by now, and the air conditioner I installed in there last summer was supposed to be framed at this point as well. I have taken measurements for these projects; that is all. Oh, and my shop was scheduled for a good cleaning last month. I think I went in there once to look for a screwdriver. (I couldn’t find one, by the way, despite the fact that there are dozens in there somewhere.)

In light of all this, I’d say my idea to be accountable on social media for my daily writing goals has worked a bit too well. The good news is Zombie Zero will be out July 1st if all goes according to the new plan. The sequel will release October 1st, and that makes me very happy indeed. The bad news is…well, read that last paragraph again. Good writer, bad balance. It’s time to change the rules.

I am going to keep writing every day. The sequel for this might not be done on time if I stick to this schedule, so it could change; but for now, there are stricter rules for me to follow. I will write every day, at least five hundred words. Then I’ll stop. Not mid-sentence or mid-stream, but soon thereafter. If I go over six hundred words, feel free to give me hell. I have a lot of plans for our house and our life, and my wonderful little family and our wonderful little business deserves to have me participate more as well. I need to spend less time staring at my laptop and more time getting everything else together.

One last bit of good news: I have officially discovered Instagram! Dawn set me up with an account a long time ago, but I only just learned how to use it. I’ll keep everyone updated on what we’re doing with the house and the business through pictures when I can, and I’ll try to remember to re-post on Twitter and Facebook for those folks not into Instagram. I’ll keep tweeting, too…500-600 words a day, or else!

I appreciate everyone helping me stay accountable for meeting my writing goals; we all wrote Zombie Zero together! Thanks everyone! All the likes and retweets and comments were hugely supportive, and I am grateful to everyone joining me on this wonderful journey.
Thanks for reading!


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