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I have been looking forward to today for awhile, and working hard to make sure I was ready for it. When I finished the edits on Zombie Zero: The First Zombie in February, I freaked out (in the best way possible). I was way ahead of schedule, thanks to Scrivener (a writing program) and a more disciplined and consistent writing schedule. I couldn’t write much more than the first few chapters in the conclusion without some footwork; and due to the release schedule I had already bumped up once, I didn’t want to pull any triggers early and end up shooting myself in the foot. So I went back over the first book, and I let a thought that had struck me while writing it strike me again.

There was one particular point in the story that made my mind wonder: what happened there? The character moves on, as does the story, but another story waits at the other side of that doorway that got left unopened. (I am being metaphorical, instead of obvious; I hate spoilers.) As soon as I asked, my question was answered: there are a lot of stories within this story; which ones do you want to know about?

The obvious answer is “all of them”. But the writer must remember stories about monkey’s paws and djinn and dusty crossroads before he answers any question, so I thought about it. The next obvious answer was “the most compelling ones”, but I wanted to go further than that. I wanted to be more specific in what I asked for, and what I offered.

So, here’s what I asked for: I want six stories that are giving me a look at the world from a monster’s perspective. I want to watch the change, and feel it, and know what it’s like to not be able to resist one’s own monstrosity. On the other side, I want to know what it’s like to be in the shoes of their victims, or people they used to know, or the few that survive interactions with them without being…well, eaten. Which leads to my third wish: I want to know who doesn’t get eaten, and why. I want to know their stories, and how their lives touch both those that would be monsters and those that would be meals for monsters. Oh, and I want them in sets of three, able to stand on their own and supported by each other at the same time.

Guess what? I got it! I thought it would be a great way to reward newsletter subscribers, and I will be releasing one to three short stories every month from now till the end of the year as exclusive subscriber content. The stories will be compiled into books at the end of the year, but one set of three short stories will remain exclusive newsletter subscriber content. Guess what else? The first story released today! While I wind up for my pitch, bear in mind that this is free content we’re talking about here…And guess what else? All you have to do is click on the link below to subscribe! (If you already are a subscriber, and also read this, thank you on both counts.) Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

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P.S. Speaking of free content…if you haven’t picked up a copy of Demons & Angels (Walking Between Worlds, Book I), the first book of my contemporary fantasy trilogy, now is a great time to do so. It’s FREE until midnight Sunday.

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