#TodayIAmAWriter – A Busy Month

Things got pretty busy around here in March. The funny thing is, much of us being busy was all about getting ready for an even busier month in April. Oh, and look at that…here it is already! Happy April! I don’t think I could be much more excited about what is coming up.

Today I released the second of eighteen short stories to my newsletter subscribers, supporting content for my upcoming novel Zombie Zero: The First Zombie. Hop on over and subscribe if you want, if you’re not already: the only way to get all eighteen short stories is to sign up. I would tell you all about the benefits of being a member of The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning but…well, it’s kind of a secret. If you are already getting my weekly messages, hopefully you aren’t having any trouble decoding them; and thank you for stopping by here as well.

Crystals Cough

I only missed my writing goals a couple days in March, which is a good thing. Not the missing part, that was writer hell; I mean that it only happened a couple times. With all the ideas we kept having for making the L.A. Times Festival of Books a better experience, our workloads increased every time Dawn and I sat down to talk. We bore up under it, and got all of our books and paraphernalia ordered; it trickled in over the next few weeks, and we got to know the UPS guy pretty good.

All in all, we are taking over two hundred books, a stack of drop cards, bookmarks, Zombie Zero T-shirts and book bags, and two advance reader copies of Zombie Zero: The First Zombie. Now I will individually go off about these items, some of which I am surely overlooking…

The books are a variety of all the publications in the Sudden Insight Publishing library. We’ll always take all of the titles we have published, unless an event specifically forbids it. The drop cards are a whole new thing to me; Dawn had that brilliant idea, putting a bunch of work on her plate. She loaded the Walking Between Worlds trilogy as ebooks that can be downloaded by entering a code on the back of the card into your computer. The cards are the size of a credit card, or calling card, and have an awesome WBW graphic on the front; they’re so cool! The T-shirts and book bags are awesome, too; we didn’t get many shirts, since they weren’t cheap and we didn’t know how they will sell. We’ll be wearing them, though…loud and proud and branded!

Sean Harrington delivered amazing art, and Dawn turned it into an incredible cover, and I finished writing it nearly two months ago. We thought it might be a good idea to get a couple print copies of Zombie Zero: The First Zombie for people to leaf through. They won’t be available for purchase, but the ebook and print versions will both be available for pre-order on April 4th, so…maybe we can get some folks interested enough with the advance copies to pre-order their own. It’s our first ninety day pre-order; we’re excited to see what kind of response we get.

Our bookmarks are looking as sharp as ever, and we have a bunch of them! We are also setting up a table in support of the indie author community, and we’ll have stacks of bookmarks from other indie authors for folks at the convention to take home with them. There’s some other pretty creative swag that has shown up in the mail, to give the UPS guy a well-deserved break, and we have gotten more than one great idea from looking over all of the creative contributions.

Angela Chrysler is a bright and shining star in the indie community, and we will be doing our best to represent her Brain to Books Cyber Convention at our booth during the festival. She’s the one that thought of tying the events together, and having everyone send their stuff. We are glad to be doing what we can to promote Angela, and other members of the indie author community. She does so much to help all of us.

Now it’s back to work on the short stories, and some other side projects that must also be done but cannot yet be talked about. Thanks for reading, and wish us luck at the festival!

All the best,
J.K. Norry
Founder, Secret Society of Deeper Meaning, est.2016

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