Why I Love To Write #000 – An Introduction

I love the idea of starting off a series with #000. The number itself states that this is an explanation, an introduction, to a series of something. I got the idea from podcasts, one of my favorite forms of entertainment and learning, and I plan to use it pretty regularly. In short, this is an explanation of the blog series I plan to write. It will look back, something I rarely do, while some specific memories are still fresh in mind. I’ll be writing about writing, the choices I made and the choices I might have made if I had known better. In essence, this is going to be everything I wish I had read five years ago.


My habit is to look ahead, and see what kind of possible futures I can select from where I stand. Recently I made an exercise of looking back, and what I saw made me want to immediately start this blog series. It also made me ask Dawn to start one, to kind of go along with this one. See, I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for her; I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. One of the smartest things I did was find the right partner, and listen to her when she had ideas that were better than mine. We’ve both learned a lot over the last few years, and together we can give any writer a good idea of what it takes to get started.

My side of this will be encouragement to any artist trying to get anything done, ways I discovered to optimize my time and my resources, and an honest look at how hard/easy it was for me to get started making my dream a reality. If I am still where I am right now in five years, working a day job while writing and publishing at least three books a year, a very important part of what I set out to do will be done. This was not within my grasp five years ago; at least it didn’t seem to be. Now it is, and it is the bare minimum of what I actually plan to do.

If you like to read, and want an inside look into what some writers go through to make those books happen, this series is for you. If you are looking to find that one special thing that you know you need to do, you might find ways to discover it here. If you are an artist with talent but no ambition, this series is for you too. If you are a writer who wants to go from a head full of ideas to a growing library of published works, this is definitely the series for you; make sure you read Dawn’s too. I sat on my first manuscript for over ten years, doing almost nothing with it. Once I decided to commit to making my books a reality, there were a ton of things standing in my way. Now there’s only one thing limiting how fast I can publish a book, and that’s how quickly I can complete it.

That’s no big deal to some folks; to others, like me five years ago, it’s an impossible dream. I let the ideas build up in my head for so long it felt like I was going to go mad with the frustration; now I’m watching them come alive in exactly the way I want them to, exactly when I want them to. For me, it’s both a dream come true and a good base camp. Even if none of my other ventures work out, I know that my usual routine will lead to at least three books a year. That’s more than just a pressure release valve; it’s a mighty propellant that makes nothing changing in the next five years highly unlikely.
But I’ll write about that in five years, look back at where I am now and tell you all about what I was up to that I should have done differently. This series is for looking back at what got me here, and being grateful to be at what is essentially square one

Next week I want to start things off right, with ‘#001: Do The Write Thing’ or possibly ‘#001: Am I an artist?’ We’ll see; I’ve got a week to decide. Either way, it will be about the struggle I had in finding my destiny. I was obsessed with discovering what I was born to do in my early twenties, and I’d like to share some of the ridiculous and some of the helpful things I did to figure it out. When I did figure it out, I relaxed a bit too much…but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Check back next week for some reflections on what led me to disregard every path but writing instead of just choosing it from the beginning, and why it helped me be a better writer.

Thanks for reading!

All the best,
J.K. Norry
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