Why I Love To Write #009 – Paving the Path

This is a very appropriate day for this post, for a couple of good reasons. First, it’s Indie Pride Day! It’s like Thanksgiving for independent authors and publishers, an opportunity to be grateful for all the possibilities and relationships available in today’s writer’s world. The community of indie authors is a big one, and many make it a point to support other indie authors in various ways throughout the year. Today is a chance to say ‘Thank You’ to all those folks lending that support. It’s also a day to stop, take a breath, and feel a little pride for the work you have put in since last Indie Pride Day. Humility is important, but so is acknowledging how hard you’ve been working. Those milestones flew by because it was you at the wheel; today you get to pat yourself on the back for that. Okay, now get back to work!

Just kidding. Please, keep reading.

The other reason it’s a great day for this post is because my new book releases today. The zombies are here at last! I’ve explored the deeper meaning of the lives affected by this apocalypse in short stories that I have released to my newsletter subscribers for the last few months, and those will be compiled into smaller publications to follow this one. We’ll talk about them more as they drop. The conclusion will release on October 1st, but it will be on pre-order soon; again, we’ll go into that more later. Right now I want to tell you how paving the path made this all possible, and how ‘Zombie Zero: The First Zombie’ would still be a story untold if I hadn’t paved the way for it.

Zombie Zero Ebook Cover

My first book took everything I had to write it. At the time I was struggling with questions and answers alike, and writing ‘Stumbling Backasswards Into The Light’ helped me share what I had experienced when the struggle finally ended. Then the real journey began, and I had to look back to move forward. I have always been fascinated with the complex differences found in human expression, and interested in the stories it had to tell. The fantastical has always intrigued me, whether it came in the form of magical abilities, or supernatural powers, or simply a sublime connection to the source of all things. The fact that they are surely all woven together may have escaped my attention when I was reading as a kid; it does not escape it now.

The next book I needed to write was the first in a trilogy. I knew that, going in, and it scared me pretty good. I had to set up my schedule for the next three years around writing and publishing it, and forego vacations if I was going to afford the whole thing. That was fine; the important thing was that I was getting underway at last. A lot of work ahead meant lots of time writing; what a wonderful thing to sentence myself to. So I got to work, once again putting all that I had into writing the first book in the ‘Walking Between Worlds’ trilogy. It was more than I had before, but not nearly what I’ve got now. Such is the way of the deliberate learner.

The cool thing is that something happens when you bend your will to something, and set your sights on achieving it. The Universe sits up and takes note. It starts to take special interest in you, and your project; soon all kinds of doorways start to open, both in the artist and in the world. I was amazed to see my own hierarchy of needs come clear to me as the story did. I was bringing this tale to life, a word at a time; but it was bringing me to life too. It was demanding a level of dedication and attention to detail that I hadn’t had to put into my first book, and I was delighting in delivering. I couldn’t wait to tell the whole story.

I had to, though. There was a lot more paving to be done once I finished the handwritten manuscript for ‘Demons & Angels (Walking Between Worlds, Book I)’. The path I was walking was still a dirt trail, and one that I was walking mostly alone. The main tools I used to write that first book were the tools I had gleaned from reading and working and learning for a lifetime; I would have to develop more to complete the trilogy.

We’re going to go over some of those things, next week. Part of the reason for writing all of this is to help others pave their paths. Some of these posts are meant to inspire, while others are passing on what I have learned to those looking for a clear path to getting started or continuing to build that legacy. It’s going to take a whole post, telling you what I did to subjugate my life to writing my second book; that’s for next week.

This week is for remembering that authors have never had more opportunity than we do today, and being grateful to be part of it. It won’t be the only time I say it, but I will say something here: Thanks to all of the bright lights leading the way in the world of the independent author; and special thanks to those kind souls that leave torches affixed along the path to self-publishing, so we don’t have to find our way in the dark. We each need to pave our own way, but the amount of people willing to help is a little mind-blowing; big thanks to all of them.

And finally…I’m not going to do this too often, but I am going to do it now. It is release day, after all.

Zombie Zero: The First Zombie’ is a look at the deeper meaning of this monster. We all seem to have a strong reaction to the image or mention of a zombie: some of us get excited and want to see or hear more, while others roll their eyes and move on. Some hang back and watch, but are afraid to ask about it or think about it. Why is that?

This book explores the possibility that the zombie is an ancient archetype, which has haunted humanity through its many rises and falls. It also considers the larger picture, and explores the possibility that the greatest evil is sometimes acting for the greater good. Of course, it’s also a zombie book. It’s my first horror novel, my fifth book about the deeper meaning of something that is often taken at face value.

And speaking of deeper meaning…

If you like this blog, or any of my books, or zombies, I’d like to invite you to subscribe to my newsletter. There is secret content to be found there, before anyone else gets to see it; and some of it is only for subscribers forever. Also, we have giveaways and contests pretty regularly, and our swag packs are pretty darn cool. All in all, it’s a pretty great secret society.

Oh, didn’t I mention that? By subscribing to the newsletter, you become a member of ‘The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning’. It’s my way of poking fun at myself and taking myself very seriously all at the same time, but the members see nothing but benefits. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a good secure facility to manufacture our decoder rings in; otherwise, the secret society is on the right path. We’ll talk another time about how we pave that one.

In the meantime, buy ‘Zombie Zero: The First Zombie’, read it and leave a review…if you really want to make me happy, and read a great book, that is. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed this post and that you come back next week for some ways to focus your energy and manage your time. Whatever you want to get done, next week’s post will help you pave the path to it.

Thanks for reading!

All the best,

J.K. Norry
The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning
Twitter: @JayNorry

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