Why I Love To Write #035 – New Year, New Mission

Well, it was bound to come, and here it is. This is officially the final installment in this blog series. I might pick it up again later, when I have more to say on the subjects of writing and publishing; if I do, it will be on the website that a blog like this belonged in the first place.

That’s SuddenInsightPublishing.com, which is where this blog will likely move to after I get a good start on the next one. I mean, we don’t want the page to be empty, or anywhere near it; but we do want folks to know that I will no longer be writing about writing on my website.

Of course, I’ll still be writing. It will be a weekly blog, just like this one was; but the similarities kind of end there. This next blog is not for the writer I was yesterday, or the writer who finds themselves in that place in one way or another. This blog will be for my readers, and it is designed to help them get to know me a little better while hopefully being screamingly entertaining all at the same time.

Before we talk about that, let me assure you that my plans remain the same for the posts that have fallen under the ‘Why I Love To Write’ umbrella. I’ll be compiling them into a book, after some cuts and additions and my usual exhaustive edits, and I’ll still be giving it that title that I think is so great that I can’t share it until I share the book. Let’s just say that the title will make the contents pretty obvious, and it’s the only book I plan on releasing that is clearly about writing in 2017. Let me know your thoughts on the series, if you want, at that email address down there under my name.

Now, about this new blog.

I have always known that I am a little odd, by many people’s standards of normalcy. It was a little dismaying, as a kid in rural Montana, to have folks point out on the regular that I wasn’t like other people. I knew that expectations were a big thing for a lot of people, and that their expectations of others was often far more demanding than the expectations they put on themselves. I don’t recall the day that it struck me, that it was kind of a relief to have others expect you to be a little weird. I do know that life changed for me that day, or soon after. All of the sudden I was not just curious about a whole bunch of strange stuff, like I had always been; I was also curious about other people that had been labeled as being something other than completely normal.

What I found was enough to keep me firmly entrenched on a path to weirdness. These were the most interesting people to me, and they had the most interesting ideas I had ever heard. Many of them were dead, often killed by folks that didn’t like their ideas; but a lot of those ideas were now somehow considered normal, or at least common knowledge. It seemed a little shocking to me that some of these ideas could be commonly accepted, and that people could live their lives in relative peace without going a little batty considering these concepts.

Want an example? There are a bunch, so many that I don’t even have to use one from the upcoming blog to illustrate my point here.

When I was a little boy, I learned that there were people in charge in our country. Furthermore, I learned that the people in charge were super fond of explosives. They were so fond of them, they had enough at that time to destroy the Earth eight times over. They have a lot more now than they did then, and the same types of folks are the ones with their fingers on the proverbial button. Translate this for a six year old me, and all you’re really saying is that life could end at any point. I would finish that sentence with ‘for no good reason’, but there’s really no good reason to end all of life on a planet. It kind of goes without saying, even for a six-year-old.

That was a hard place to get started from, at least for miniature me. Why live a life that is subjugated to the whims of the most well-armed and historically violent people in the world? With no other choice, and a lot of people carrying on despite that common knowledge, I learned to live with something that should not be so easy to live with. I know now that we would be killing ourselves, not ending the Earth; but that’s about as cold comfort as being assured that it hasn’t happened yet.

Most of us walk around knowing that life could end at the push of a button, and several generations have now been raised with that knowledge. It doesn’t take a six-year-old to point out that a mind can get twisted by this kind of knowledge, or wonder if all minds have been somewhat twisted by it; but it does take a mind that doesn’t mind doing the wondering.

I have one of those minds. There was a time when it seemed to be a bit of a curse. I couldn’t sit through a lecture on anything in public school without pointing out some error in the lecturer’s thinking or way of living. Even the way someone phrased their sentences was under constant scrutiny, and I was happy to point out to a math teacher that they might want to attend a few English classes if they wanted the taunting to stop.

Of course, the real breakthrough happened right in time with my own breakthrough moment. When I began to see life as an unending supply of beauty and grace, I was looking at it through the cynical eyes of that former class clown. I found that there was a special kind of humor in being in love with life, and that it didn’t always contain nothing but light. After trying like hell to be the guy that always saw the bright side and commented only on that, I settled more comfortably into a nice combination of who I used to be and who I had become.

That’s where this idea was born, as I wrote a blog about writing a blog that shared an author’s real self with their readers. The things I think about are not unique to me, which is part of why I want to share them. Books have shown me that again and again throughout my life, but most recently podcasts have done the same. I hear some of my favorite podcasters talk about this kind of stuff, and it makes me feel connected to them in another way. When this blog is completed, either in the writing and editing or in posting, it will be compiled into a book.

Do you see a pattern developing here?

Am I going to tell you the title? Of course not! Once again, I think it is way too clever to share until the book goes up for pre-order. The blog will have a title of it’s own, like this one did; and I daresay that I love it even more than ‘Why I Love To Write’.


Next year’s blog will be called ‘Thoughts That Hurt To Think’.

Don’t worry, they won’t always be dark; and I’ll do my best to stay away from conspiracy stuff. In fact, I’ll let you know what one of the first month’s topics will be, in hopes that you come check it out next Tuesday.

(Yeah, that’s right. Tuesday is the new blog release day.)

Did you know that all of the water on the Earth is from somewhere else? It turns out that water is not native to our planet, and that our entire supply came from other planetary bodies crashing into ours. We’re lucky that they did, of course; without them, we would not have had opportunity to evolve into what we are. It’s pretty interesting, the role that asteroids and comets and meteors have played in our collective past. It’s even more interesting what role they may play in our future.

Won’t you come back, and we’ll talk about that a little more in the next few weeks?

Thanks for reading!

All the best,

J.K. Norry
The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning
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