Thoughts That Hurt To Think #002 – Water is Alien!

When the Earth was first getting started, it was a real fixer-upper. It began as nothing more than a glorified rock floating in space, and grew as more rocks smashed into it and clung together. Once the mass resulting from these collisions got to a certain point, they started attracting bigger and bigger masses. Those masses clung together, as well; and after quite some time, they formed a mass that could be called a planet. There were very few of the natural resources that we rely so heavily on back then, as most of them were brought here by other chunks of rock floating about in space. Many of the precious metals that we mine on our planet are leftover chunks of meteor ore, and much of Earth’s topography was profoundly affected by these interstellar collisions.

They didn’t just make craters, though. They also filled them. In fact, all of the water that is now on Earth was once somewhere else deep in space. Many of the meteors that strike the planet are little more than giant chunks of ice, which is naturally just frozen water. When the meteors enter the atmosphere, the ice melts and rains down on the planet as water. All of it. That’s right, every drop of water in our world once belonged to another world.

At the very least, it belonged to space.

Now, we claim it as ours…just as we claim that it is a dwindling resource, all in the same breath.

That’s not true, of course. There is as much water on Earth now as there has ever been. In fact, with meteors crashing into the planet rather frequently, we have more water than ever. We also have more people than ever, which is what causes the misperception that we call dwindling resources. It doesn’t take a mathematician to point out that we aren’t working the numbers right, and that the only real problem we have is a lot of selfish parents who just won’t stop doing what only parents do.

Actually, that’s not quite right. We do have another problem. You know those meteors, the ones that brought us water and gold and copper and tin and all the other stuff we are using up so quickly? They also brought us something else, more than once.

They brought us mass extinction.

See, the Earth is actually on a pretty clear trajectory through space. It spins in both rotation and revolution, finding itself in the same places over and over again. This is a long journey, and one that the planet is not making alone. There are countless other things on similar paths, and even more things on totally different journeys. Most of what’s out there are asteroids, the things that brought us water and mineable ore and massive climate shifts. As a result of one or many of these objects crashing into the Earth, the atmosphere of the planet shifted radically enough to support large mammalian life. This shift also caused it to no longer support giant reptilian life.

Those first mass extinctions were good for us, obviously. We had no place among the dinosaurs, just as they have no place in our version of the world. When the smoke cleared from that particular event, there was little left but a few small mammals. They evolved into us, if you believe that sort of thing. Actually, the truth happened whether you believe it or not. The problem is that the truth is not always an easy thing to arrive at, particularly when you are talking about stuff that literally happened millions of years ago. Our own recent history is peppered with so many false accounts and conclusions that it could be referred to as largely fiction, and science changes its collective mind so often that it might be more aptly called science fiction. Who are we to know what happened tens of millions of years ago, we who can’t figure out who built the pyramids in Egypt? Or how they did it? Or when, even?

The good news is, all we have to do is stop spending money on killing each other and start focusing on technology to handle this impending event. It is impending, too; make no mistake. There are huge chunks of rock or ice or both floating around out there, just waiting to feel gravity pull them in. It’s why we have meteor showers, because we pass through clouds of these things as they float through space to end up here. It’s only by chance that we haven’t seen another the size of the one that made the planet habitable for us in awhile, and we’re actually right on schedule for another big impact.

Good thing the powers that be have been working on advanced weaponry for so long; they must be prepared to blow it out of the sky when it comes, right?

I mean…isn’t that what they’ve been working on?

If they aren’t, they need to get on that. Our social issues don’t matter if everyone dies, and there’s really no reason to keep killing each other if we’re overdue for a mass extinction event.

There’s a big rock floating in space, completely capable of doing that for us. Actually, there are more than we can count…and some of them are headed right for us! That’s terrifying news, if I ever heard any. Maybe we should call them terrorists, so the folks with all the weapons will train them on our biggest enemy.

As we know, private citizens can’t own weapons like that. We’ve got to appeal to the folks with the big guns, and the big money. You know, the people that we put in charge with our votes.

Speaking of voting…

A lot of people have been saying a lot of stuff about a certain group of people, and I think it’s time we air our differences out in the open. Next week, we’ll be talking about what people are saying about other people.

They call them ‘forty-nine percent of Americans’, but they usually don’t mean what they say.

We’ll talk about that, next week.

Thanks for reading!

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