Thoughts That Hurt To Think #010 – That’s a Big Dam Problem!

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From the beginning, this blog was intended to become a series of books. The first book is now available, and this post was chosen as one of the chapters. Many other posts are still up, but some have been removed due to also being included in the book. Hopefully you have been enjoying this blog, and you might want to get your own copy of the book.

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts That Hurt To Think #010 – That’s a Big Dam Problem!

  1. Very well put….if everyone would educate themselves on OUR current situation we would be far better for it!! Its sad that it won’t happen but hopefully some will after such a great read. Thank you for the facts…

  2. Very interesting, I’m glad you added that to your email. I really enjoyed it. I think, if it’s ok of course, I might share your article amongst some friends and family. I think they would enjoy it as well. You make a lot of valid points and bring to light quite a few things I didn’t know. I had no idea that California produced so much of our vegetables, fruits I figured but I would have never guessed vegetables. And I also had no idea about the damns and the “expiration” so to speak. I’m glad I’m not near any here where I am in Virginia. Good luck where you are and I hope they get that figured out soon or a whole lot of people could be impacted.

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