Thoughts That Hurt To Think #012 – We’re All Masters of Hypnosis!

Have you ever seen a professional hypnotist? They put people under, and make them cluck like chickens or bark like dogs or dance around like their favorite pop star. They make them see things that aren’t there, and experience events that aren’t happening, just by using the techniques they have been trained in.

If you go to the adult show, you might see more than clucking.

But then, you might get called up on stage. There’s a reason most of us don’t want that, and why many of us find it hard to believe that those are actual volunteers from the audience and not deliberate plants. Then we see someone we know go up there, or we learn some of those techniques we were talking about…

Next thing you know, someone you know and trust is doing something you would never expect of them, and talking afterwards about how they felt like they were in control and not in control all at the same time somehow. Hearing something like that makes someone like me want to know more, and wonder why everyone’s description of being hypnotized sounds a lot like people’s descriptions of their own lives at times.

I mean, if we were all in total control we’d all have everything we want. Right? At the very least, we would all be happy all of the time; yet somehow even many of us that strive for that ideal have our less than ecstatic moments. At most, we’d all have abundance in every way that we desire it; last time I checked, hardly anyone is complaining about having too much of anything.

So, what gives? Who is actually in control of our lives?

If you read philosophy, from pretty much any corner of the world, it will eventually refer to higher consciousness at some point in some way. It will also get into the lower and middle consciousness, using whatever language suited the author at the time. Psychology gets into it, too; there the minds are generally separated into the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. We won’t go into the super conscious mind here, but it does deserve the honor of being mentioned.

Basically, any study of the individual and how we make choices admits that there are at least three different versions of each of us that are in charge of our lives. You’ve surely heard the term ‘subconscious blueprint’ before, and it turns out that it is pretty much exactly what it sounds like it is. A house is built according to its plans, and a life is built in much the same way. Unfortunately for many people, it isn’t the conscious mind that is in charge of drawing up the plan; it’s the other minds, the ones that we seem to have little or no control over.

Or, do we?

Any self-help book worth cutting down a tree to print will address this issue, and most will give you some techniques to start deliberately changing that blueprint. One of the best examples of how we hypnotize ourselves is driving, and you’ll find that very example in many of those books.

Wait…did I just say that we all hypnotize ourselves?

Yeah, I guess I did. It turns out that we are all masters of hypnosis, when it comes to our own lives. According to both philosophers and psychologists, we program ourselves to think and feel as though we do or don’t deserve things like love and money and happiness. Then we act according to those thoughts and feelings, which became beliefs somewhere along the line. We may not have known we were building a blueprint with those beliefs, and we may not even know that the life we are living was built according to our own plan; but if the wisest and wealthiest among us keep saying that the blueprint has to change before reality can, I’m going to spend some real time thinking about that.

Even if it’s a thought that hurts to think.

Do we program ourselves to be happy or unhappy? Can we change that programming, if we’re not happy with it? Furthermore, do we hypnotize wealth or poverty into our lives; do we attract what is best for us, and repel what isn’t? Or, do we do it the other way around? Who is pulling the strings on all the people who do horrible things to other people, and how do we follow those strings to their source and give the puppeteer the tools they need to rewire their natural rewards program?

There’s a reason just about every religion or system of spiritual beliefs has meditation or prayer at its core. Many of them have some form of confession as well, which it turns out is another tool for changing our blueprints and hypnotizing ourselves into happiness.

I know, it sounds weird; but the choice is not whether or not we go through life hypnotized. That’s a given. When the only real choice we have is whether or not we hypnotize ourselves into living a good life, it’s pretty clear that there is no choice at all. If you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right; and we all do it.

It turns out that prayer, meditation and quiet contemplation go a long way in prettying up that invisible blueprint. Making it visible helps, too; and bringing that vision to life in your own mind is reportedly one of the best ways to make it a reality. Everything good started as an idea, which is a beautiful thought; but so did everything bad, which leads to my next thought.

Studies show that the unconscious and subconscious minds are not that great at filtering out what me might call ‘the bad stuff’. They’re much more likely to take it in, whatever it is that comes in. That’s where the conscious mind can step in, and do its job a little more consciously. We can make sure that we get positive and uplifting input, in whatever form in takes for each of us, that is equal or greater than the perceived muck we have to slog through in any given day.

You can make yourself cluck like a chicken, without any help from a hypnotist. But for some of us, it’s hard to get started on the deeper work without someone there to show us the way. That’s why hypnotherapists are so popular these days, and why they can claim to create such dramatic results. We all know what incredible powers lie within our minds, on some level…because we are all masters of hypnosis!

Do you like how I brought that back around?

I’ll leave you with one final thought, something I didn’t know until someone pointed it out to me. There are quite a few millionaires in our country, but they aren’t generally what people are referring to as ‘the one percent’ when they talk about the folks who have the real power. It’s much more proper to say ‘the one percent of the one percent’, when you’re talking about the mega-rich in America.

In relation to the world, though…most of us are actually doing pretty well. It turns out that if you make thirty thousand dollars a year, here in the United States, you are officially in the top one percent of earners in the world. When you think of how far thirty thousand dollars can take a family in a year, and consider that ninety-nine percent of the world’s population is taking home less financial possibility, it kind of puts things in a different kind of perspective.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself; we’ll talk about that next week.

Thanks for reading!

All the best,

J.K. Norry
The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning
Twitter: @JayNorry

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