Thoughts That Hurt To Think #014 – Public Schools Produce Factory Workers!

It was tempting to call this post ‘public schools create robots!’; but why go metaphorical when the literal sounds almost as bad? Just like the government clearly stated their intentions when they passed a law making all psychedelics illegal, they also clearly stated their intentions when they created schools. One was to make it easier to put minorities and subversives in prison, thus getting them out of the way and silencing them. The other was made to program children to be factory workers.

Don’t get mad at me; I think it’s a terrible way to treat kids too!

In the beginning, the United States was a lot different than it is now. Those people mainly valued freedom, while today’s population is obsessed with security; every political scientist and social philosopher that has addressed this issue points out that we can only have one at the price of the other, and it’s pretty clear what we’ve chosen in the short amount of time that this chunk of land has been called a country.

Back before there was an income tax in America, and folks paid for the things they valued, there were also schools. Parents paid for the education their kids were getting, if they thought they needed one, like they paid for other things they wanted. Nobody thought that education should be free, maybe because it’s clear that education cannot be free; someone is paying the price, and in our country’s case it turns out that it’s now everyone who pays taxes. At some point someone suggested that kids should receive free public education in our country, and for some reason most everyone jumped on board. Then something even more ridiculous happened: someone suggested that we make public schools a place to train factory workers, since there were so many of them at the time. And guess what? Pretty much everyone jumped on board with that too!

It’s easy for critics to point out the the public school system in our country is outdated, because it is. Factories don’t employ nearly the number of Americans that they did back then, yet we’re still training kids to work in them. It’s even easier for critics to point out that public schools are deliberately smashing creativity and independent thought as part of their programming…I mean, you know what a factory worker needs to act like, right?

I remember the bell that would ring to jolt me from one monotonous task to remind me that it was time to do another. That bell came straight from the factory, to condition kids to respond to the sound. I never saw the inside of a private school, since my parents didn’t value my education enough to spend money on it; but I heard that they were different, and that the teachers in them often taught from experience instead of knowledge they got from a book written by someone else who had never done anything but teach.

It was no surprise to me that private school teachers made more money, even when I was a little kid. I was not at all impressed with the people in charge of educating me, and I suspected from the very beginning that few of them could excel at a real job. It seemed clear to me that many of them used their classrooms to hide from the world, and wield what little power they had over children who didn’t yet know that this was not the kind of example they wanted to follow.

Even today, I hear plenty of people say that teachers should make more money. I stopped pointing out a long time ago that the good ones already do. Instead I started pointing out that if teachers made more money, we would have to get a whole new batch of them. We would need to retool the entire system, and try to attract an entirely different kind of personality to educate our kids. The folks who are doing the job now are causing our country to fall behind many others, in every category of education there is.

Other jobs generally pay based on performance, and it sounds like maybe teaching does too. How can we expect the same group of people who got us into this mess to get us out of it? By giving them more money? Anyone who has ever actually worked knows this is backwards; you don’t compel someone to do more by giving them more, you reward the best producers after they have shown themselves capable of producing the best results. That’s what those of us with real jobs call leveraging your skills, and we know that our power to negotiate comes from amassing and developing more of those real world skills.

With many kids learning as much or more by eschewing school altogether, the results of our current system speak for themselves. Really, they call it ‘un-schooling’; and it’s turning out smarter kids than the schools! It’s fairly common knowledge that home schooling and private schools offer a far superior education, but most modern parents say they don’t have the time or the money to pursue these options.

So, why did you have a kid? That’s like buying a home that you can’t afford the mortgage on, and expecting your neighbors to all chip in and pay for it. Only a mind programmed in a public school would entertain such a notion; and once enough other minds join in, it just becomes a way of life. We all suffer for that, but no one suffers as much as the kid being trained to work in a factory that they’ll never see the inside of.

Attention deficit disorders are more common with each passing day, and the smartest kids need the strongest medicine to turn them into complacent chasers of mediocrity. Public schools are still turning brilliant kids into factory workers, and advising parents to dope them up when they resist the programming. Oh, and they think they deserve more money.

Don’t get me wrong; I think education is vital. I also think that it’s valuable. It should teach kids to master life and find themselves, not give up before getting started and continually squash their own spirit. That would mean an entirely new system, with a completely different kind of person running it.

Oh, that’s not new; private schools are doing that already.

The problem with chunking kids by age group, training them with bells and giving them summers off is that it doesn’t prepare them for modern life. You’ll never find yourself in a room with a bunch of people almost exactly your age, listening to someone talk about a life that they have only experienced peripherally in an authoritative tone. Adults don’t buy that kind of bull, and they seldom get summers off; except teachers, those adults that have never known any life other than the school system.

When we look to the government to run our lives and do our thinking, we also give them the opportunity to program us and our children to serve them in whatever way they see fit. Basic education and childhood programming could be about finding your destiny and fulfilling your potential, managing money and mastering emotions, maximizing your time and reaping the benefits of interpersonal relationships…but it isn’t. It’s all about training factory workers, in a country with fewer and fewer factories every year. This is what we get when we hand over our most valuable resource to the collective, and why the answer is probably never going to be government-regulated education.

Of course, the answer already exists; and the parents that value their kids’ education are paying for both the private schools that their kids go to and the public schools that continue to train factory workers. Those folks don’t wake up in the morning thinking about how messed up that is, so why should I?

It’s hard to remember that things are exactly as they should be, until you have a good hard look at the way things are.

Forget I said anything; I’m sure I’m wrong about most of this, anyway. Carry on doing whatever you’re doing, and I’ll do the same.

Remember what I mentioned in the beginning, about the law concerning psychedelics? The funny thing about that is that we each have chemicals in our bodies that create regular psychedelic experiences in all of us. The psychedelic state is actually one that we’re each quite familiar with, and it’s something we all rely on to stay sane. We’ll talk about that next week in a post called…uh…well…

‘We’re all on drugs!’

You know, to lighten things up a bit.

Thanks for reading!

All the best,

J.K. Norry
The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning
Twitter: @JayNorry

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