Thoughts That Hurt To Think #015 – We’re All on Drugs!

The most strict definition I ever heard for ‘drug’ stated that any substance that you put in your body by any means is a drug. I argued then that food shouldn’t be considered a drug, and that air and water shouldn’t either. My argument was that a drug should be classified as something that alters your consciousness in some way, and that most people probably think of mind-altering substances when they think of drugs. I have since realized that both arguments were pretty much right and pretty much wrong all at the same time.

One of the things I didn’t realize, when I first learned what drugs were, is that it isn’t the drug itself that has those mind-altering effects. Substances create chemical reactions inside our bodies, and that is what makes us feel sharp or dull or paranoid or euphoric. Those same chemical reactions can happen without the substance, as has been proven time and again by the placebo effect; but they can’t happen without the receptors for those substances, or without the chemical reaction caused when the two interact.

Much of the food that we eat has way more powerful stuff in it than we might think. We’re talking about leaf lettuce and vegetables, not that other stuff often mistakenly referred to as food; we’ll address that next, since we clearly need to. Most natural foods have something in them that will alter your consciousness at least a little bit if you consume enough of them, but those are chiefly vitamins and minerals interacting with their associated receptors in our bodies. Being healthy comes with its own euphoria, and that reaction is there to bring us back for more of the good stuff. But there are also a lot of natural foods that contain significant levels of DMT, or dimethlytryptamine. That is considered to be the most potent psychedelic there is, and is categorized as highly illegal by the folks with all the best weapons and prisons in our country.

Before you freak out and start checking labels, you should know that your body is actually one of the best manufacturers of this substance in the world. DMT is in all of us, and we all trip on it regularly. Where do you think those wacky dreams come from? There are other chemicals in our bodies, which inhibit the effects of this powerful drug in most of the things we eat and in most of our waking hours. Animals that don’t have these inhibitors trip hard when they eat some of the most harmless foods people can eat, and some of them keel over and die. It’s like putting sugar in a car’s gas tank: once it hits the engine, that’s all she wrote.

You knew I was going to mention sugar at some point, didn’t you?

We make all kinds of things from the raw materials we find on this planet, and for some reason we seem pretty obsessed with putting more of them in our mouths than we should. Sugar in the raw has lots of vital nutrients, and it really is a healthy part of a balanced and natural diet. It is not, however, what most folks in America think of when they think of sugar. That’s been refined, which is a strange label to put on a process that takes out all the good stuff and makes it a point to add bad. It’s also been replaced in a lot of instances, with something called high fructose corn syrup.

Unless you have been living under a rock for some time, you know the dangers of consuming this stuff. If it isn’t the devil itself, it was certainly cooked up by one. There’s really no clear reason why this product was even developed, unless you leave arguments about nutrition and public health out of it and just follow the money trail. That being said, that money is pouring out the back end in more ways than one. More mental and physical disorders exist now than ever before, and I’m not the first person to suggest that maybe it has something to do with the huge shift this substance has brought about in the average American’s lifestyle.

Yeah, I called it a substance; I’ll go you one further, and even call it a drug. There is no denying the immediate effects of high fructose corn syrup on someone who has never been exposed to it, or even in children that have grown up with it. It takes awhile before we become anesthetized to those effects, and the drug is built to make us want more regardless. It’s even built to turn off the natural chemical release that your body employs when your belly is full. You can eat this stuff all day, and you just end up wanting more! Even though the euphoric possibilities are lost back in childhood, and visible consequences of bad eating choices are showing up, you never stop wanting more!

Sound familiar?

That’s the cycle that nearly any drug throws us into, when we abuse it. Even food, especially when it has been altered to look less like food and more like an addictive substance. The truth of the matter is that most of us find it hard to avoid being drugged by our food at least occasionally, and we try to balance the questionable intake with stuff we know we can trust.

But we still sleep, most of us…and we dream, too.

And when we dream, we are tripping hard on one of the most powerful psychedelics known to man.

Which is to say, we’re all on drugs!

Speaking of drugs, there is a very popular program out there that claims to be able to help alcoholics. They aren’t real in touch with their roots anymore, since the guy that started the program considered psychedelic use to be a key ingredient in curing alcoholism; and they think all drugs are bad. Except caffeine, nicotine, and sugar…those are pretty prevalent at most of these gatherings, from what I’ve heard.

You’ve probably heard about it as well, since the folks in this program seem to have trouble keeping their involvement with it to themselves. So many people have made fun of them for using ‘anonymous’ in their name, they really should consider changing it. What you might not have heard is that the guy who came up with this program had a better one, that actually worked. As a result, he was pushed out of the club and forced to never return.

We’ll talk more about that, next week, in a post called…

‘Addicted to the club!’

Thanks for reading!

All the best,

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The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning
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