Thoughts That Hurt To Think #016 -Addicted to the Club!

There is a program that exists in the United States, whose roots go back about fifty or sixty years. New members join or rejoin nearly every day, in hopes of finding a cure for their condition. Instead they are enrolled in the program, and one addiction is replaced with another. It’s obvious to most of the people that have not been indoctrinated into the program that it doesn’t work, but it’s hard to convince the folks that buy in. When they fall off the wagon, it’s not the program’s fault; yet somehow when they stay on it, they give the program credit.

Surely everyone knows what program I’m talking about here. It is characterized by the irony of its name: one of the two words the program pieced together to brand itself is ‘anonymous’; yet many people who subscribe can’t seem to shut up about it.

There are a lot of reasons why the program doesn’t work, one of them being that part of the programming itself tells members that alcohol addiction cannot be cured. Programming is a powerful thing, and it’s even more powerful when you can convince someone that they need you. The program insists that the only alternative to being a hopeless drunk is to be a hopeless meeting addict instead, and this programming swells its ranks with the continued true promise of never actually curing anyone.

It’s too bad, since the guy who created the program in the first place actually cured his own alcoholism. He was so excited to share his findings, and help other people, that he dedicated his life to showing people a clear path to do the same thing he had done. Unfortunately, the folks who took over the program didn’t much care for his ideas. They liked the idea of convincing people that they were broken, and that the only way they could effectively get along in the world was by regularly meeting with other broken people.

As a result, the first person who had documented his transition from hopeless alcoholic into someone who neither had to avoid nor crave the substance was pushed out of his own club. His name was removed from the growing organization in every conceivable way, and his story is seldom told to anyone who joins the club.

So, what is his story? What was his secret?

Well, this clever fellow realized that there were cultures that had successfully treated or avoided addiction in every instance. They typically used a combination of natural plants and herbs in tandem with talk therapy and intense inner examination. The plants and herbs were as important as the talking and examination, and in virtually every instance that the program was followed it resulted in a cure. The substance that had so troubled the addict before was now something they could take or leave without any ill side effects or loss of control. It turns out addicts aren’t broken at all; they just need a little help with their unique internal wiring, and they can stop worrying about that urge taking hold and ruining their lives ever again.

The man that created the program we’re talking about utilized a number of psychedelic resources, primarily LSD, to effectively and permanently cure his addiction to alcohol. More recent research shows that a natural substance called ibogaine is even more effective than a series of psychedelic experiences coupled with talk therapy and intense self-examination. In one or two encounters with this particular gift from nature, nearly every person who undergoes treatment is cured of virtually any substance addiction. Even cigarette smokers that took the treatment to get off drugs or alcohol, with full intention to continue smoking, almost always reported that their desire to smoke had evaporated.

Just like their addiction to alcohol, or harmful drugs.

This all leads to another question, which goes something like this: What are the harmful drugs, and what are the beneficial ones? Everyone is entitled to answer that question in their own way, but a lot of people do so without really doing much research. That can cause more serious consequences than wasting your life on meetings that just program you to go to more meetings; that can kill you.

Some of the most tragic evidence of this has been splashed all over the news, but not in a way that calls attention to the kinds of drugs that are killing people left and right in our country. We’ve lost a lot of talent in the last few years as a result of the drugs we tend to consider safe, and have still lost literally zero to the host of natural medicine that nature provides and the folks in charge continue to put people in prison for.

We’ll talk about what is and isn’t lethal, and legal; and why one can advertise while the other is off limits, in a future post. Right now, let’s look at what other substances often take the place of alcohol in the lives of the people relying on the program we’re talking about. I’ve never attended a meeting, but I’ve heard plenty about them; like I said, it’s very rare for these people to remain anonymous, once they join up. They all seem to report the same thing, which is that coffee and sugary snacks and cigarettes are as common at the meetings as the alcoholics themselves. Is it ironic that these substances all lose their addictive appeal when someone has one session with a plant that seems specifically designed to keep us from ruining our lives with dangerous addictions? Or does the irony lie in the program’s unwillingness to admit their own deficiencies, and finally try something that has been proven to work?

Or…is this one of those situations where I’m trying to see the humor in something that isn’t very funny at all?

The good news is, more and more people are seeing their addictions as problems to be solved rather than conditions to be endured. As the news spreads, more folks every year drop out of the program and cross a political border to solve their problem once and for all. They use a combination of psychedelics and talk therapy, and they walk away from the experience able to take it or leave it like the rest of us.

It’s like someone found out about the original program, realized it worked, and decided they wouldn’t accept their brokenness as a basic premise for the rest of their life to be lived by. It’s like the spirit of the program is way more important than the program itself, and is highly likely to outlive it once enough people make a more informed decision. It’s like the guy who first came up with this concept is finally being vindicated, even if the new program doesn’t bear his name.

I know these posts get a little dark sometimes, and that might say more about me than the world I am observing here. Let’s see if we can lighten things up, next week. What’s on the docket?

Oh, never mind. Did you know that when giant meteors hit our planet, they sometimes kick up so much dust and debris that it actually blocks out the sun for quite some time? It looks like we’re going even darker, next week, in a completely literal way. Won’t you come back for…

‘The dark ages were actually dark!’

Thanks for reading!

All the best,

J.K. Norry
The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning
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