Thoughts That Hurt to Think #029 – We Were Warned This Would Happen!

One of the most terrifying examples of political speeches in America was the farewell address given by its 34th president, Dwight Eisenhower. He warned the public of the dangers of unchecked political power, and called upon the nation’s citizens to keep a close and suspicious eye on their own government in the years to come. Although he was a decorated general, this former president cautioned Americans against the war machine that was being built and the untold dangers that its creation posed.

Rather than quote the speech here, I’ll encourage you to search out the specifics for yourself. The speech was only aired one time, in January of 1961, and all the folks that missed it then really missed out. Thanks to modern technology, full transcripts and even grainy video footage can be viewed online. Although it is often referred to as the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ speech, the commentary is both broad in scope and specific in detail. It warns about many dangers, perhaps the least of them military in nature. It’s also a little chilling.

Upon hearing this speech for the first time, I couldn’t help but think of how it sounded a lot like a jilted lover listing all the faults of their former object of affection. The more I listened, the more I realized that he was actually being conservative about describing the horrors that he had witnessed in office and that were in store for our nation. As hard as he tried to keep it civil, the claims he made were so outrageous that even the people who heard it must have thought he was exaggerating at least a little. With most of his predictions having come true in the years since, it’s hard to say that the guy was exaggerating now.

By the end of the speech, I realized that it was a love story gone sour. Eisenhower had entered office with enormous optimism, and faced some very difficult challenges with grace while he held a position of great power. When he left, the optimism was gone. He was not just afraid that the country was being deliberately guided in a destructive direction; he was certain of it. By the time he warned us about it, he had to admit in the next breath that it was most likely too late to do anything about it.

Enter the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

He called out secret societies, media outlets and a global government in his famous speech in April of 1961. It has been referred to as ‘the speech that got Kennedy killed’ by quite a few people since, but they usually don’t point out that it took over two and a half years for the alleged cause to have the supposed effect. One would think that a global power would respond to being called out more swiftly, if it was going to.

Kennedy gave another speech shortly before he was publicly assassinated, which was not widely received. It was not widely received because it was a speech that he gave to a group of college students, therefore there was no wide audience to receive it. From what I’ve heard, Kennedy talked mostly about the secrets he was planning on sharing with the public at large in his next address to the nation. There was not just secret government talk this time; there was actual reference to proof that our government was working with sentient beings from other planets.

That’s right, Kennedy told a bunch of college kids that the government was actually working with aliens. Between that speech and the one he foreshadowed during it, he was shot and killed. That seems like the kind of swift action that a nefarious secret society would take, not waiting two and a half years between cause and effect. The fact that this second speech is little known, and rarely quoted, is far better support for the theory than the possibility that he was murdered over one of the most famous presidential speeches in history.

Even more astute conspiracy theorists note that Kennedy had engineered a way to disempower the federal reserve. Although the first steps in his plan had already been taken, they were quickly reversed after his death. Do you know what the plan was?

If you have a dollar in your wallet or purse or pocket, do me a favor and take it out. Any denomination will do, actually; as long as you are looking at US currency, this will totally work.

First, have a look at the bill.

Actually, scratch that. First, feel a little gratitude for the fact that you have a dollar to your name. A lot of people don’t. Then, be glad that you have a purse or wallet or pocket. Be especially glad if you have all three, since most of the world can’t afford such extravagance as you.

Now, have a look at the bill. See there at the top, where it says ‘Federal Reserve Note’? That means that the federal reserve issued this currency, and that was a problem for Kennedy. He instituted a plan to put the federal reserve out of business, and eliminate the need for a privately owned enterprise to continue printing and inflating the nation’s currency whenever the owners of that private institution wanted to.

Remember, the federal reserve is privately owned. This collection of privately owned businesses makes gads of money loaning the currency they print to the United States at interest rates that would make a corporate banker blush.

Kennedy granted the United States Treasury the ability to issue actual federal notes, although the main visible difference between one bill and another is that the other said ‘United States Note’ in the spot where that dollar of yours says ‘Federal Reserve Note’.

By the way, if you have a dollar that says ‘United States Note’ at the top, it’s probably worth a lot more than a dollar. It’s unlikely that you do, though; the campaign to remove them from circulation was very effective, and they don’t make them anymore. Immediately after Kennedy was killed, an aggressive plan was put in place. All of his efforts to remove the power and the privatization from the federal reserve were rolled back like Wal-Mart prices, and the private bankers who actually own this country went right back to business as usual. So as not to cause confusion, they hunted down nearly all those pesky United States Notes and got rid of them as best they could. They took us off the silver standard that Kennedy had so carefully constructed, and put us back on the gold.

Then they took us off that, when they felt like it. Now our currency is backed by promises made by some of the most shifty people in our history, and economic collapse is looming on the horizon like never before. It might be cold comfort to remember, but it’s true…

We were warned this would happen!

Other people might argue that our economy is struggling because we keep tossing gads of money into the war machine that Eisenhower predicted our country would become. It’s hard to disagree with them, even if we can point out that we were warned about that too. Part of the problem with that might be the rapid decline in optimism we’ve seen in each successive generation when we ask them about military conflict. My parents thought war had ended with Vietnam, I predicted the Gulf War in my early teens, and kids today tend to think continual conflict is inevitable. We’ll talk about the court of public opinion when it comes to war, next week. The sad truth of the matter is, when you ask around…

‘War is more popular than ever!’

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