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You might come here every week to have fun thinking thoughts that hurt to think with me. If you do, I appreciate it. Blogging has been more enjoyable for me than I thought possible, and this series has taken that to a new level. Last year I wrote a series of blogs called Why I Love to Write, and if you read those posts you already know what I’m about to tell you.

I don’t just write blogs; I also write books. The books called to me first, and I honestly only started writing a blog to gain more visibility for my books. After awhile I realized that I can do different things with each outlet, and that blogging had become almost as rewarding to me as writing books.


Writing a book takes a lot more time, while offering more possibilities to the person doing the writing. You need to get to the point pretty quickly when you’re writing a blog post, where fifteen hundred words can be considered a bit long. A book can give you the space to say what you want to without really coming right out and saying it, and you can’t even call it a full length novel unless it’s at least fifty thousand words.

So the blogs come out every week, sometimes twice a week. The books come out on a slower timetable, but I like to think they’re worth the wait. I’m shooting to make sure my readers get at least four to six such offerings from me each year, and it looks like we’re on schedule for this year. Which brings us to the reason for this post.

Dreaming the Perpetual Dream is my latest offering, and we’re doing something special with it. I’m releasing this book one chapter a week to my newsletter subscribers. Those chapters will continue through August 22nd, when the final one posts on their secret page. Between then and the book’s release date in October, we had planned to only make the chapters available to newsletter subscribers.

It turns out I had a problem with that.

My partner in all things came up with a temporary cover for this book, to make the chapter releases look more professional. I liked the temporary cover so much I didn’t want it to be lost forever when the digital chapters came down. So I asked her to format the book and put her cover on it, and decided we would print up a limited edition. We have them in stock now, and I love how they turned out!

This was a hard book for us to tack a genre onto, at first. Link is from Earth, living right here in modern day; but when he takes a pill meant for daytime alertness at night, his dreams take an unusual turn. Suddenly Link is transported behind the eyes of a man who lives on a fleet of spaceships far across the universe. Just when he learns that two pills put him in complete control of the other man, Link also learns that the man he is inhabiting plans to kill half the fleet.

Link must team up with a robot that used to be a person, and endure the dismal attitude of the hopeless machine. Together they will have to do whatever they can to save a species from extinction. Of course, this could just be a dream; and Link could be imagining all of it. He would rather help the robot than face that possibility, and they both hope his best turns out to be good enough.

See what I mean? Do we categorize it based on the message, or the contemporary main character, or the distant fleet of spaceships where much of this story plays out? Well, it turns out the only qualification most people put on science fiction is that is has some science fiction elements to it. Even with all the other stuff going on, this officially falls into the genre the rest of the books it will tie in with fit into.

Makes sense, I suppose.

If you’re into science fiction, you’ll want to read Building the Perpetual Dream, Launching the Perpetual Dream and Remembering the Perpetual Dream when they come along. You’ll definitely want to read them if you enjoy Dreaming the Perpetual Dream and want to find out more about this distant fleet and the people in it.

The only way to be among the first who get to read the book is to buy it now from our website. It’s also the only way to get this limited edition, which will no longer be available once the book officially releases. Even if you aren’t a fan of science fiction, you may find that you enjoy this story quite a bit. There’s a deeper meaning to it, like there is in all my books; but the setting in which the story is told determines the genre in this case.

I hope you pick up a copy, and that you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! Don’t forget to tell us how you want the dedication to read when you place your order, if you want it dedicated. I’ll sign it for you either way, to make the limited edition a little more limited.

click here to buy the paperback

If you aren’t a big fan of paperbacks, or are on a tight budget, you can always sign up for my free weekly newsletter and get the chapters as they post. The whole book will be available to members of The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning the entire month of September, so sign up now if you don’t want to miss your chance. To those of you who are already a secret society member, thank you! I hope you’re loving the weekly chapters!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do it here.

Remember…this limited edition release is not available anywhere but the Sudden Insight Publishing store. All the major retailers will have to wait for the regular release in October, as will anyone who doesn’t order in time. Supplies are limited, so get yours now!

We’ll be back to another thought that hurts to think on Tuesday, and I hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading!

All the best,

J.K. Norry
The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning
Twitter: @JayNorry

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