Thoughts That Hurt to Think #033 – Eating is the New Smoking!

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One thought on “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #033 – Eating is the New Smoking!

  1. You are really opening a can of worms with this one. It’s true though; no one wants to ask or discuss the hard questions. As someone who has asthma, the smoking ban in my town didn’t make me cry for smoker’s rights. Smoke of any kind triggers attacks in me, and no one has the right to allow their bad habits to harm another. I agree with you on the problems of accommodating the obese. I cannot sit comfortably in restaurant booths because the table is 3 feet from the seat. The obvious solution is to use tables and chairs so everyone can adjust it to their desired distance, but that would be too simple. Although I don’t advocate bullying fat people, it’s not right to ignore the health risks associated with overeating just to make people feel better. As for lifespan, it’s a mixture of genetics and luck. My uncle smoked a pipe everyday, cooked with pure lard and butter, drank too much, and worked his whole life in coal mines breathing coal dust and toxic fumes. He lived to be 102.
    Thanks for asking the hard questions; it’s an interesting discussion. I really enjoy your blog.

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