Thoughts That Hurt to Think #062 – The World is Always Ending!

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #062 – The World is Always Ending!

  1. Yes, I agree. I think many people throughout history just love the “End Times” scenario, whether it be religious or scientific. I think it’s rather narcissistic of humanity to act as though the whole universe will fall into mourning and chaos because humans have become extinct. No one I know cries over trilobites and Neanderthals. In fact, there are several species of humans that have gone extinct (not to mention native tribes in the Americas), but no one cares. Since giving up religion, I take comfort in believing that Life will go on, here and in the universe. Maybe not human life, but life in some form. I joke with people about being nice to cockroaches; they might be the ones to make the next civilization. It’s no more silly than humanity’s other creation stories or the idea that our ancestors were like rodents.

  2. I plan on signing up to a general blogging course that will incorporate social media but I don”t plan on having a set curated feed. Maybe I lack finesse but my life isn”t curated, I”m not a put-together person, and the theme of my blog is honesty, so it wouldn”t suit me to be more finessed!

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