Thoughts That Hurt to Think #032 – Patriotism is a Fluid Term!

When settlers first arrived in America, being patriotic meant remaining loyal to the British Empire. That changed pretty quickly, as Americans saw how much that loyalty was costing them. New patriots came forth to fight the old empire, and the country won its freedom due to their efforts. The next batch of patriots were called on to build the country up right, by any means necessary. Some of those means weren’t really necessary, so the next generation of patriots fought for civil rights.

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Thoughts That Hurt to Think #031 – The Robin Hood Saying is Wrong!

The legend of Robin Hood may actually be a myth, so far as verifiable history can tell. Even if the story is real, it still lives more as a legend in the modern mind. The only real difference between a myth and a legend is that the origin story has some truth to it; otherwise, both are mostly if not entirely made up. So is the case with Robin Hood. You probably already know that he wasn’t a fox, and that he didn’t speak with an American accent; but did you know that pretty much every other element of the story is made up as well?

Nobody called him ‘Robin of Locksley’ until centuries after the man himself had died. That’s because he most likely wasn’t nobility at all. Friar Tuck and Maid Marion are later additions to the original story as well, although nobody tells the tale without including them these days. All we really know about Robin Hood is that he was a skilled archer and swordsman, and that he had quite a beef with the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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Limited Edition Release!

You might come here every week to have fun thinking thoughts that hurt to think with me. If you do, I appreciate it. Blogging has been more enjoyable for me than I thought possible, and this series has taken that to a new level. Last year I wrote a series of blogs called Why I Love to Write, and if you read those posts you already know what I’m about to tell you.

I don’t just write blogs; I also write books. The books called to me first, and I honestly only started writing a blog to gain more visibility for my books. After awhile I realized that I can do different things with each outlet, and that blogging had become almost as rewarding to me as writing books.

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Thoughts That Hurt to Think #030 – War Is More Popular Than Ever!

The United States began with a war. Early pioneers were not too keen on taxation without proper representation, so they formed a government and fought a war over it. Modern Americans don’t object to taxation without proper representation nearly as much as they did, but that isn’t the only thing our collective opinion has changed about. Americans yesterday saw fighting a war as the only way to gain their freedom; Americans today are more likely to see war as an inevitability.

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Thoughts That Hurt to Think #029 – We Were Warned This Would Happen!

One of the most terrifying examples of political speeches in America was the farewell address given by its 34th president, Dwight Eisenhower. He warned the public of the dangers of unchecked political power, and called upon the nation’s citizens to keep a close and suspicious eye on their own government in the years to come. Although he was a decorated general, this former president cautioned Americans against the war machine that was being built and the untold dangers that its creation posed.

Rather than quote the speech here, I’ll encourage you to search out the specifics for yourself. The speech was only aired one time, in January of 1961, and all the folks that missed it then really missed out. Thanks to modern technology, full transcripts and even grainy video footage can be viewed online. Although it is often referred to as the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ speech, the commentary is both broad in scope and specific in detail. It warns about many dangers, perhaps the least of them military in nature. It’s also a little chilling. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #029 – We Were Warned This Would Happen!”

Indie Author Spotlight – Christie Stratos reveals the cover to ‘Locke and Keye’

It’s Indie Author Spotlight time! Today I’m helping Christie Stratos reveal the cover to her latest book. You may recognize Christie as the host of The Writers Edge panels. Read on and learn more about ‘Locke and Keye (Dark Victoriana Collection Book 2)’…

Locke and Keye (Dark Victoriana Collection Book 2)
Coming September 7, 2017

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Thoughts That Hurt to Think #028 – The Federal Reserve is Privately Owned!

Most truly evil things start off as what sounds like a good idea. All it takes is one or two course corrections, and what seemed like a brilliant plan yesterday morphs into a nightmare come true today. I won’t say the federal reserve is a prime example of that, but I won’t say it isn’t either. I’ll tell you what I’ve heard and read, and leave you to draw your own conclusions.

The first time someone told me the federal reserve was privately owned, I thought they were being silly. Then it became one of those tidbits that everyone was talking about, for a little while. Someone coined the phrase ‘the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express’ and a whole bunch of other people starting saying it.

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Thoughts That Hurt to Think #027 – History Has Been Erased!

Have you ever seen a car up on blocks in someone’s yard? Have you had opportunity to see that car deteriorate over time? It doesn’t take long, does it? Since metal is pretty durable, it ends up being the last of what remains. Years before it dissolves to so much drifting dust, that metal has lost structural stability to the point of virtual uselessness. One lifetime might not be long enough to watch a car turn to nothing in your driveway, but in the big scheme of things it doesn’t take much time at all.

Oh, did you think we’d be talking about the fact that losing armies never write history books, and that the winning armies often destroy the ones that existed before they came along?

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Thoughts That Hurt to Think #026 – The Periodic Table is a Map of Creation!

It might sound a little strange, unless you’re a chemist, but the periodic table of elements is actually a map of creation. It’s not a being or deity or anything, and few would argue that the periodic table or its elements are intelligent in and of themselves…but it tells the story of the creation of our solar system, if you read it right. I know that sounds like a weird way to put it, since ‘creation’ is often thought of in a very particular way by some people; but it makes sense, if you look at it a certain way. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #026 – The Periodic Table is a Map of Creation!”

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #025 – Resurrection Used To Be Common!

Back in the day, there were no heart rate monitors or machines that could detect brainwaves. You listened for a heartbeat, maybe put a mirror under someone’s nose; but after they had failed those advanced medical tests, you were pretty confident it was time to put them in the ground. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #025 – Resurrection Used To Be Common!”