News & Updates for April 17th

Jay’s books were on display at the PubMatch Bookshelf at London Book Fair 2015 this week. Thanks to Combined Book Exhibit for this photo of “Demons & Angels” at the fair!


Jay would like to say thank you to everyone that visited his booth at the 2015 Author Cyber Convention at Goodreads, or connected with him at “Get Down with the Awethors” on Facebook last weekend. It was a lot of fun, and he’s looking forward to doing it all again next year (stay tuned for more details later this year). Let’s not forget to give a huge shoutout to all of the amazing authors that participated in and put on these events – indie authors are wonderful supporters of each other, and these two events were proof of that.

Last, but certainly not least: Book II of “Walking Between Worlds” is just about finished! We anticipate editing on “Rise of the Walker King” will start within the next two weeks, and hope to be able to release this book by Fall of this year (possibly even late Summer). Jay is very excited to get this book into your hands well before our previous Christmas deadline! Stay tuned for updates!

Have a great weekend, and happy reading!

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Flash interview Q & A time!

Jay is currently participating in the 2015 Author Cyber Convention over at Goodreads. Participants were given the opportunity to do a flash interview by convention organizer/indie author Angela Chrysler. Jay thought these were such great questions that he had to share his answers with everyone.

1) Describe your favorite scene in your book and tell us why it’s your favorite.

My favorite scene form this book was the one I didn’t want to write. It was a suicide scene, and it was my job as the one telling this story to describe it. It turned my stomach when I wrote it, each time I edited it, and every other time I have read it. I wanted to maintain the careful balance between not enough detail and an over encumbrance of words set by previous and successive chapters.

I knew I had gotten it right by my own reaction to it. The scene took over my whole world for a few minutes and shook me to my core… then the tide of emotion flows back in the direction this story takes, one of hope and redemption.

2) Which of your characters do you relate to the most (or) who is your favorite character and why?

My favorite character in book one of Walking Between Worlds is a tough one to pin down. As the author, I know the whole story; books two and three will show new aspects to characters we already know, while introducing new personalities that are quite integral to the tale. If I had to pick, without knowing what is coming next, my favorite character would be Mason. Mason seems to have the most potential, and the most healing to do. I like the good-hearted guy who does mindless, stupid things and then learns and grows from the experience; Mason is definitely that guy. If I had to pick my favorite character, knowing what I know, it would be Brenna. I can’t tell you why, though; it might ruin the surprise.

3) “Story” has always been the center of all human cultures. We need it. We seek it out. When we lack it, we invent it. What does ‘story” mean to you?

Story means everything to me. I recognized a long time ago that the stories we tell ourselves in the apparent privacy of our own minds are inevitably revealed in the lives we lead. I knew that if I was not writing my own story deliberately, I might write something lame or awful or even hand over my pen to another.

Opening myself up to the best ways to pursue happiness also opened me up to other realms of possibility. It turned out that my story is entwined with scores of other stories happening too far away for inhabitants of this dimension to witness. Telling these stories is my job, and much of my destiny lies in that direction.

As far as I’m concerned, story is everything. It is why we get up in the morning and how we choose who to take to bed at night. Story is the thread that weaves together the very fabric of reality.

The 2015 Author Cyber Convention runs from Friday, April 10th until Sunday, April 12th. Come join in the fun, all from the comfort of your phone/tablet/laptop! Click on the image below to be transported to the convention fairgrounds.

Author Cyber Convention - Profile Image

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It’s Scavenger Hunt Time!

The 2015 Author Cyber Convention Scavenger Hunt

(I’m currently participating in the 2015 Author Cyber Convention at Goodreads – visit my booth at the fairgrounds from April 10th-12th!)

I’ve partnered with a few of my fellow convention authors for an epic scavenger hunt! Participating is easy and fun, and you have the chance to win something from each author! Want to win a copy of my books, “Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels” and “Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light“? Just find each authors clue on their website/blog, then come back to this blog post or my convention booth and comment with the clues. At the end of the convention (midnight, April 12th), I’ll randomly pick a winner from the qualifying comments and announce them on my website and at my fair booth.

Your Scavenger Hunt Map

My scavenger hunt clue is… What everyday object does Kris step on that makes him fall into the street? The answer can be found in the “Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels” sample on my website (hint; it’s in Chapter 4).

Chess Desalls clue is… Who invented the Travel Glasses? The answer can be found at:

Tim Hemlin’s clue is How many people died when, “The explosion rocked the Houston Bubble . . .” in The Wastelanders? The answer can be found at:

Jenny Burke’s clue is… What is the name of the character caught in the storm in Chapter One of The Dragon Dreamer ? The answer can be found at:

Quoleena Sbrocca’s clue is at:

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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Where in the world is Jay?

This weekend is the 2015 Author Cyber Convention at Goodreads! Join Jay and 30+ of his fellow indie authors for a full weekend of activities. Scavenger hunts, genre lotteries, author Q&A, and much, much more, all from the comfort of your phone/tablet/laptop. Jay will be giving away copies of “Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels” during the convention – visit his booth at the convention fair grounds by clicking on the image below for details on how you can win!

Author Cyber Convention - Profile Image

The London Book Fair begins April 14th. Will you be attending this year? If so, make sure to stop by the PubMatch Bookshelf, where you’ll find Jay’s books and many other quality reads from indie/self published authors. Jay is unable to make the trip across the pond for LBR this year, but he would love to see your LBR 2015 photos! Comment to this blog post with a picture of yourself and one of Jay’s books at LBR 2015, and Jay will send you some swag in return (mmmm, author swag).

If you haven’t already read Juniper Grove’s review of “Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels”, you can check it out here. Thank you Jaidis & Sheri for the 4 trees!

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