The Silent Observer, Part II: Stepping Back

[This journal entry was originally written by Jay on October 22nd, 1997. As always, you can read what Jay thinks about this subject now in the post script – Dawn]

The silent observer is never angry, never unhappy, never insecure, never afraid in any way. It only sees, and in seeing, it knows. It watches you experience the feelings, and does nothing about it… because we experience these feelings by choice. Perhaps by unconscious choice, through our conditioning, but nonetheless by choice. We always have, at any moment, the option of learning from our observer how to choose our reactions, how to choose our perspectives, how to choose our state of mind. Continue reading “The Silent Observer, Part II: Stepping Back”

The Silent Observer, Part I: What a Load of Crap

The Silent Observer, Part I: What a Load of Crap

In each of us is a silent observer. It doesn’t judge anything. It simply sees, it even sees what you see. It can see the world objectively, but more important, it can see the world that you see, which is subjective, objectively.

This silent observer seems uselessly passive, because it is silent. Yet it is wise beyond any wisdom we can know. It knows the layers of meaning that we attach to every experience, and it understands where every layer comes from, what it means, and why it is there. It can cut through our judgements and attachments to the truth of any experience. It can see how and why we have drawn that experience into our lives and what we are supposed to learn from it. Continue reading “The Silent Observer, Part I: What a Load of Crap”

The Realization of Interpretation

[This journal entry was originally written on October 22nd, 1997. As always, Jay’s current thoughts on this entry are in the post script – Dawn]

Everything we think, everything we feel, everything we see, everything we say, everything we do; is all a product of interpretation. The life you are living, the thoughts you are thinking, the emotions you are feeling are all interpretations. The way we interpret the world becomes our world. The way we interpret others’ actions determines how we react. The key to finding Happiness is hidden in interpretation.

We learn ways of interpreting and dealing with the world, and that becomes our world. The world “out there” is completely different for you than it is for me, yet it is the same world. The world is divinely indifferent. Nothing dies, nothing is born, nothing ever happens that is good or bad. It simply is. What we see with our individual eyes is not in the least bit objective. It is before it hits our eyes, but we cannot look at it objectively. We see it through years of experience which has turned into the interpretation of the moment. Your whole life is packed into your every glance. Continue reading “The Realization of Interpretation”

Cycles, Spirals and Immortality (Oh, My!)

[This was taken from a journal entry that was written on October 21st, 1997. As always, Jay’s current thoughts about this entry are in the post script. Enjoy! ~ Dawn]

     We all move within cycles. Cycles within cycles within cycles. We can see many cycles, and often believe we therefore know who we are. However, these cycles hide cycles which we do not always see… and these cycles hide cycles which we seldom see… and these cycles hide cycles which are almost never seen. Each and every level of these cycles determine who we are as much as the previous, as much as the next…

     Here’s the kicker: There’s no such thing as a cycle. Every cycle you live, seen or unseen, is not a cycle at all… it is a spiral. When you look down at a spiral, you see it expanding outward or inward, depending on how you look at it. If you look at it from the side, you see it going up or down, again depending on how you look at it. This is what our cycles do, it is the very nature of what they are. They either expand outward, or confine with every ring. They either climb to new highs, or sink to new lows… every time any cycle is repeated or acted upon. Continue reading “Cycles, Spirals and Immortality (Oh, My!)”

The Clean Slate (and Other Myths)

[This journal entry is from October 16th, 1997. As always, Jay’s current thoughts about this entry are in the post script – Dawn]

     Not many of us are fortunate enough to be raised in Spirit, by people who live in Spirit. Let me rephrase, lest I am misunderstood: everyone lives in Spirit, yet few do so consciously and intentionally, therefore the amount of Spirit they acknowledge in their daily life is quite by accident, and subject to falter unexpectedly.

     Please don’t fault these people for not living in Spirit. Everyone does the best they can with what they have, and those who stray furthest from the Path suffer their own endless torture. They may have raised and taught you in the wrong ways, but it was inevitably the result of being raised and taught the wrong ways themselves, by people who were raised and taught in the wrong ways. It can be traced back into prehistoric times, and you can blame great grandaddy Og for your misery, but I guarantee that will do nothing but pass it on. Continue reading “The Clean Slate (and Other Myths)”

Ultimate Responsibility


     I took a small chunk from another entry to elaborate on this week [The entry was originally written on October 16th, 1997 – Dawn]. The entry goes in another direction after the first couple paragraphs, and I wanted to address what I like about this part separately from what I mostly don’t like about the rest of it. So, here it is, two paragraphs that I felt should be written about first.

     Don’t forget to check out last weeks blog post, “About My Next Book”, to read the first chapter of “Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels”, set to release in December. Thanks for reading!

Ultimate Responsibility

     We are born to particular parents, into a particular situation, for particular reasons. We choose our own reason, we choose our own situation, we choose our own parents. Each individual’s upbringing, even in the earliest years, has volumes upon volumes of experience, of potential learning. These volumes are rarely recognized as being anything conscious: somewhere along the line they simply form who you are. Continue reading “Ultimate Responsibility”

Life Is…

     Once again, I am going to step outside the typical weekly blog guidelines with this post. Last week was the second page from a journal that we will be looking at for a while, but I admit it wasn’t the entire entry. I liked the whole entry up to the last paragraph, and made comments last week on what I think now about what I wrote then. Now I would like to share that final paragraph. I didn’t single out this paragraph because I found it particularly brilliant; quite the contrary, actually. My “#WordyMoFo” mind went off as soon as I read it, and I knew I had to save it for a post of its own.

     Here it is, the final paragraph: Continue reading “Life Is…”