#TodayIAmAWriter – How about #TodayIAmAnAuthor instead?

Last weekend Dawn and I went to Los Angeles to exhibit at the L.A. Times Festival of Books. It’s the largest book festival in the country; after over two decades, it has outgrown its original venue, and has turned into quite an enormous sprawl of booths. It was pretty epic, and very exciting, to see how many folks came out to flood the USC campus where it was held. It rained on Saturday, the second rainfall the festival has ever had, and it was no brief sprinkle. Many exhibitors scrambled to rearrange their booths to keep their things from getting wet, and we were no exception. Luckily, no damage was done…and we learned a little about making our booth more inviting as well. Thanks, rain.

As a result of the festival, Mister ‘I write a thousand words every day’ (that’s me) missed some days. Four, to be exact. That’s a day to drive there, two full days at the festival, and a day to drive home. And here’s the thing: it was all about my books! It was hard to feel bad posting on Twitter with #TodayIAmNotAWriter when each post came at the end of a long day of promoting the books I have already written. You know? Continue reading “#TodayIAmAWriter – How about #TodayIAmAnAuthor instead?”

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#TodayIAmAWriter – A Busy Month

Things got pretty busy around here in March. The funny thing is, much of us being busy was all about getting ready for an even busier month in April. Oh, and look at that…here it is already! Happy April! I don’t think I could be much more excited about what is coming up.

Today I released the second of eighteen short stories to my newsletter subscribers, supporting content for my upcoming novel Zombie Zero: The First Zombie. Hop on over and subscribe if you want, if you’re not already: the only way to get all eighteen short stories is to sign up. I would tell you all about the benefits of being a member of The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning but…well, it’s kind of a secret. If you are already getting my weekly messages, hopefully you aren’t having any trouble decoding them; and thank you for stopping by here as well.

Crystals Cough Continue reading “#TodayIAmAWriter – A Busy Month”

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Newsletter News: More Subscriber Perks

As you surely know at this point, I am kinda knee-deep in gore with my current writing project. In the same movement that stopped me killing trees and smearing graphite or gel ink all over my hand (yes, I am left-handed; no, I don’t want to learn to contort my hand so that doesn’t happen. Those people are in the same part of their brain as all the right-handers; there are enough of them already). So now I use both hands, and my brain lights up in more places, and we all benefit from that.

How do you benefit? Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you! Let’s go back a little bit, so I can explain more throughly.

When I first started working on Zombie Zero, I thought it was going to be one long book. There were so many things happening in the story, and so many characters introducing themselves to me in my head; not only that, there was a whole world falling apart, and countless stories to be told within that fall. The thought of considering all of this supporting material ‘fat’, and cutting it, was an impossible one to consider; some of these characters show up in the sequel, although if their stories were told in the first book it would seem like a bunch of irrelevant fluff. I don’t mind the apocalyptic novel that spends a bunch of time on a bunch of characters that end up dying before the story really gets cooking; but it’s been done before, plenty of times, and that was not going to do anything but slow down the pacing of this book. Continue reading “Newsletter News: More Subscriber Perks”

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#TodayIAmAWriter – New Writing Goals

Well, January looked a lot like September through December of last year did. I did a lot of book stuff, Dawn did a lot of book stuff, and most everything else got put off. That’s not bad; we added two new titles to the Sudden Insight Publishing library, and I wrote a lot in Zombie Zero. Oh, sorry, I should have capitalized that: I wrote A LOT in Zombie Zero. I wrote a little something every day, but most days I wrote well over a thousand words. Add that to the work I did on it in October, November and December leading up to that and…well, the first draft is pretty much done. Again, that’s not bad; but there are some issues. Continue reading “#TodayIAmAWriter – New Writing Goals”

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Reblog: The Story Behind The Stories #002

There are two good reasons for me to post another Sudden Insight Publishing blog the week after starting this column. One is that we have been working with a new author on getting her first book together, and today is release day! The other is an outgrowth of that, a conversation that we had when it came time to look at pricing. Let’s start with the exciting news… Continue reading “Reblog: The Story Behind The Stories #002”

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Reblog: The Story Behind The Stories – Our First Anthology

Anthology Ad

Today is the release date for Sudden Insight Publishing’s first anthology, and what an exciting day it is! It marks the end of a lot of hard work, to the projects within projects that were pulling this all together; and a beginning to all of our efforts having a chance to help a worthwhile cause. Profits from the sales of this publication will go to the SPCA, as thanks from all of the contributors to a special and worthwhile cause. Continue reading “Reblog: The Story Behind The Stories – Our First Anthology”

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The interview that never was

Dawn here, hijacking Jay’s blog for the first time in ages. Jay did a brief Q&A overview of 2015 back in December, for the Looking Back blog hop. The interview was to appear over New Years weekend, but the blog host experienced website issues and the hop stopped dead in its tracks. I hate to see his answers go to waste, so I’m going to post them here for your enjoyment. Happy reading!

1. What did I learn this year? In 2015 I learned more than ever about writing and editing, the time and effort required to turn a story from a series of scenes flashing behind my eyes to a book I can hold in my hands. I learned more than ever how much a strong partnership brings out the best in me, and hopefully I learned a little something about showing my appreciation for that. I learned even more about Walkers, and myself, and somehow God too. Oh, and Duolingo has told me about nine times that I am now seven percent fluent in Spanish. Mi Gusto!

2. What did I gain this year? My greatest accomplishments this year were shared accomplishments. My sweet love and I labored pretty much non-stop to publish books two and three in my first fantasy trilogy. A lot of other things make it onto my list of things to be grateful for, but I consider those books my greatest gains. There is a huge part of me out there in the world that was locked inside me for so long.

3. What is my New Years Resolution for 2016? My New Year’s Resolution for 1999 was to stop all this silly New Year’s Resolution nonsense. My new tradition (because the best way to get rid of a silly old tradition is to start an even sillier new one) is themes. Each year has a theme, and this year the theme is Balance. Of course, like resolutions, themes only stick when I stick to them. Last year the theme was books. Not easy, but fun; so fun. My mind is already working on a way to make the “balance” tip towards books another year.

Keep up with Jay’s attempts at balance on Twitter, where he tweets daily updates about his word count, book progress, and all of those MacGyver-style house projects.

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So long, 2015 . . . and thanks for all the fish!

Well yeah, of course I’m a huge Douglas Adams fan. If you aren’t, have I got some fun homework for you! But first, read this . . .

2015 saw me reaching out in ways I never have, communicating with readers and other authors while working like mad to complete the Walking Between Worlds trilogy. In the upcoming year, I look forward to making an even greater effort to reach out and meet people. More book conventions and author expos are being scheduled, to be sprinkled liberally throughout the year. We plan to hit as many local events as possible, but we are also looking to find a few destinations that will require travel. One thing I would really like to do is make it to Canada to connect with some readers and authors there. Continue reading “So long, 2015 . . . and thanks for all the fish!”

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The Walking Between Worlds Trilogy is complete!

I am proud to announce that Sudden Insight Publishing is releasing the final book in my latest trilogy today. All three books are available in both print and ebook format, and the companion tale is available for free to anyone who signs up for my newsletter. The first few chapters to all of my books are available for free as well, another way to get a sample of my style and the story.

Thanks to everyone reading, the books and the blog and anything else I might churn out. It means a lot to have you with me on this journey, in whatever form you choose to come along. Look forward to more content next year, as Sudden Insight expands its reach into audiobooks and author interviews and…possibly a podcast? We’ll see, as the next year looms pregnant with possibilities.

Contact me at jay@jaynorry.com to let me know what you think of the books or the blog, or with nominations for which characters you think should appear in upcoming Walking Between Worlds companion tales. Happy holidays, and thanks for reading!


You still have time to get in on the Walking Between Worlds sale! Get Demons & Angels for 99 cents, or Rise of the Walker King for $1.99! Hurry, sale ends December 3rd.

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Fall of the Walker King cover reveal!

A dark and fiery cover for the book that ends it all…


Walking Between Worlds, Book III: Fall of the Walker King brings the Walking Between Worlds trilogy to a breathtaking and explosive conclusion. Walk alongside characters old and new as they navigate Hellish realms where blood rains from the sky, and Heavenly worlds that would imprison or destroy their very souls.

As war looms above and violence simmers below, a dark danger is lurking between worlds that threatens every realm. A new Walker struggles to fulfill his destiny while the old fight for their very lives. With the fate of all the worlds in the balance, a new way must form to take the place of the old as everything falls away. Yet it must be enough, and it must come in time . . .

Fall of the Walker King (Walking Between Worlds, Book III) comes out in eBook and paperback on December 1st, 2015. Read the first 3 chapters now – start here.

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