Rise of the Walker King – Chapter Four

Book II: Chapter Four – “Some Chapters Are Just Hard To Write”

{Missed the first three chapters? Start here – Chapter One]

In the first book of this series, I had a little difficulty writing some of the scenes. I am not the fan of violence that I may seem if you’ve read it, but I recognize that it is a feature in a lot of stories worth being told. When it comes, it can be helpful to have a description that brings a telling image to mind; violence should shock us all, even when it is something we feel is called for.

When I write, I’m mostly quiet. Sometimes tears stream down my face, and some of those times I am wearing a triumphant smile rather than a troubled frown. I’m still quiet in those moments, though. It’s only every once in a while that I’ll laugh or proclaim “Yeah! Hell yeah!” aloud, and I seldom think about what the neighbors might think when I do (I usually write outside, notebook on my knees on the porch). The chapters that make me a noisy writer are the ones like the one to follow. Every character in this series has a special place in my heart, and when they feel pain it strikes a chord within me that often finds me voicing it aloud. Continue reading “Rise of the Walker King – Chapter Four”

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Rise of the Walker King – Chapter Three

Book II: Chapter Three – “Time Can Be Quite A Character”

[Missed the first two chapters? Start here – Chapter One]

My excitement continues to grow as the release date gets closer. The time it takes to create a book start to finish is considerable, and laced with challenges as much as it is punctuated by minor victories. As this countdown ticks away, it brings to mind another countdown that makes time itself a featured character in this book.

It is noted in passing that time moves at a different pace above and below than on Earth in the first book. It’s explanation enough for us to realize that Paul is able to experience a long string of seemingly time-consuming events at the end of the book that happen in the space of a couple minutes for Mason and Sarah. Continue reading “Rise of the Walker King – Chapter Three”

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Rise of the Walker King – Cover Reveal

Today marks two weeks until “Walking Between Worlds; Book II: Rise of the Walker King” is released! To whet your appetite, I thought I’d give you a look at the cover. This was designed by Dawn/Dear23, and takes us back up to Twin Peaks, to see Sutro Tower and the city below in flames.

Rise of the Walker King cover

I’ll be continuing the chapter reveals this Friday with Chapter Three of “Rise of the Walker King” (you can read the first two chapters here). While you can certainly read this book on it’s own, it’s going to be a much better experience if you read “Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels” first. Don’t have a copy of “Book I: Demons & Angels” yet? You can purchase the ebook during the Sudden Insight Summer Sale for just 99 cents, but time is running out! Available at all of your favorite ebook retailers – get your copy now!




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Rise of the Walker King – Chapter Two

Book II: Chapter Two – “The Way Things Change”

[Want to start at the beginning? Read Chapter One.]

Now that we’ve shared the first chapter, part of the tone for book two has been established. The perspective will be more of the Guide’s than the Walker’s as we move on, and a big part of what is going on with Kris is his continuing adjustment to his new life in death. He’s also riding a wave of love that has been a long time coming, and having a chance to swim in its depths rather than watch its beauty from afar. The first chapter brought us back to the sacred intimacy Kris and Jessica had discovered together at the end of the first book.

At first I wrote that introductory chapter with Kris waking up, like most folks do, and feeling the weight of Jessica’s head on his chest. The Guide and the story got my attention in the re-write, reminding me that sleeping and waking were different for him now. I thought it was funny; the only teaser we had released had been the opening sentence, and it disappeared right away when I edited. So it goes; it’s done now, and better than before. Continue reading “Rise of the Walker King – Chapter Two”

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Rise of the Walker King – Chapter One

Book II: Chapter One – “You’ve Got to have a System”

Well, we liked the way we did this with the first book in this series so much we decided to make a pattern of it. When Sudden Insight Publishing released “Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels”, we posted a chapter every other week in the months leading up to the release date. That way, everyone was given opportunity to read the first four chapters, as well as a little behind-the-scenes commentary from yours truly.

It’s worth noting that the moment I finished writing the long-hand first draft of the first book, I put away the notebook I had been writing in and grabbed a fresh one to begin writing the sequel. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. The moment I finished, I lifted my eyes to the heavens to give thanks. A gigantic white feather drifted slowly down from the sky, and I caught it easily in the air. Then I put away the full notebook, grabbed an empty one, and kept writing. Continue reading “Rise of the Walker King – Chapter One”

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Flash interview Q & A time!

Jay is currently participating in the 2015 Author Cyber Convention over at Goodreads. Participants were given the opportunity to do a flash interview by convention organizer/indie author Angela Chrysler. Jay thought these were such great questions that he had to share his answers with everyone.

1) Describe your favorite scene in your book and tell us why it’s your favorite.

My favorite scene form this book was the one I didn’t want to write. It was a suicide scene, and it was my job as the one telling this story to describe it. It turned my stomach when I wrote it, each time I edited it, and every other time I have read it. I wanted to maintain the careful balance between not enough detail and an over encumbrance of words set by previous and successive chapters.

I knew I had gotten it right by my own reaction to it. The scene took over my whole world for a few minutes and shook me to my core… then the tide of emotion flows back in the direction this story takes, one of hope and redemption.

2) Which of your characters do you relate to the most (or) who is your favorite character and why?

My favorite character in book one of Walking Between Worlds is a tough one to pin down. As the author, I know the whole story; books two and three will show new aspects to characters we already know, while introducing new personalities that are quite integral to the tale. If I had to pick, without knowing what is coming next, my favorite character would be Mason. Mason seems to have the most potential, and the most healing to do. I like the good-hearted guy who does mindless, stupid things and then learns and grows from the experience; Mason is definitely that guy. If I had to pick my favorite character, knowing what I know, it would be Brenna. I can’t tell you why, though; it might ruin the surprise.

3) “Story” has always been the center of all human cultures. We need it. We seek it out. When we lack it, we invent it. What does ‘story” mean to you?

Story means everything to me. I recognized a long time ago that the stories we tell ourselves in the apparent privacy of our own minds are inevitably revealed in the lives we lead. I knew that if I was not writing my own story deliberately, I might write something lame or awful or even hand over my pen to another.

Opening myself up to the best ways to pursue happiness also opened me up to other realms of possibility. It turned out that my story is entwined with scores of other stories happening too far away for inhabitants of this dimension to witness. Telling these stories is my job, and much of my destiny lies in that direction.

As far as I’m concerned, story is everything. It is why we get up in the morning and how we choose who to take to bed at night. Story is the thread that weaves together the very fabric of reality.

The 2015 Author Cyber Convention runs from Friday, April 10th until Sunday, April 12th. Come join in the fun, all from the comfort of your phone/tablet/laptop! Click on the image below to be transported to the convention fairgrounds.

Author Cyber Convention - Profile Image

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The Sudden Insight ebook Library

Alright, it’s not really a library if there are only two books in it. We’re getting there, though… and considering that Sudden Insight Publishing only has one author to represent at this point, and that the company didn’t even exist a year ago… we’re getting there.

My first book, Stumbling Backasswards Into The Light, has been available in print version for a few years now. That’s been a definite step up from an electronic file that I print off and give to people I meet that might enjoy reading it. It has been taken to the next level in the last year due to the diligent work of my Awesome Girl, Dawn. Her efforts made Sudden Insight Publishing a reality, got my first book formatted and made available in ebook at all fine electronic retailers. [Awwww! ~ Dawn] Continue reading “The Sudden Insight ebook Library”

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Chapter Four (The Genre Dilemma)

This is the last chapter we are sharing in anticipation of the release of Demons & Angels (Walking Between Worlds, Book I). There have been many elements at play in getting this book ready, and it has been gratifying to watch one thing after another fall into place. Some of the greatest challenges have been the tasks my “Girl Friday” and I expected to find the easiest, and vice versa.

Then she asked me a simple question one day, and she was perfectly within the realm of logical expectation as she awaited an appropriately simple answer. “What genre is Demons and Angels?” she asked me. Continue reading “Chapter Four (The Genre Dilemma)”

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Chapter Three

     With the release date of Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels coming closer, my excitement continues to grow. I look forward to sharing this offering.

     I want to take this opportunity to explain one distinction I plan to make with this book. My first book, Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light, was and will continue to be published under the name Jay Norry. That book, and others to follow, offers both insights into my philosophy and a window into my personal life. People that know me know me as Jay Norry, and all of the books I publish under that name are for the folks interested in my continually evolving philosophies and life. Continue reading “Chapter Three”

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My Commitment (and Chapter II)

     It may go without saying that I am very excited about my next book being released. Somehow, I can’t stop saying it anyhow. This event marks a new phase in both my writing and my life, while adding a responsibility that I intend to take very seriously.

     My first book works for me just the way I wanted it to. Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light was designed to be re-readable, offering different insights and perspectives as the reader revisits it throughout their spiritual journey. I hope it has served its purpose for others, and that it continues to do so. I have always intended to follow it up with other books, but I never felt like there was much of a rush to do so. Continue reading “My Commitment (and Chapter II)”

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