Zombie Zero – Meet The Characters

I thought this would be a fun idea, but I didn’t want to ruin it for anyone by explaining too much too soon. When I started writing this story, folks from the world we live in started showing up. They were all heroes of mine, people that have deep thoughts and admirable work ethics. It only made sense that these folks that were working so hard in our world would be working just as hard in another world that was so much like it. I messaged a lot of people in our world to ask if I could mention them in my story about a reality much like our own.

I told these people, the ones I could get ahold of, that I wanted them in my book. Most of the mentions are first names, that might not be paired up with their last names until the next book. I wanted to get permission before I put the books in motion, though; I’m going to list them in order of appearance in the book, if you want to watch for them. Most are in the italicized first paragraph of a chapter, as are some character names, but not all of them. There will be more of nearly all of them in the next book. Continue reading “Zombie Zero – Meet The Characters”

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#TodayIAmAWriter – The Worldly Reader

Categories can be a difficult thing for those that don’t particularly like to be categorized. Looking at the situation closer, however, suggests that perhaps the concept of categories is not the problem at all. Maybe some of us just don’t like the narrow concepts that previous generations have used to define things. Maybe we just need new categories.

Dawn and I were surprised to see a certain online book retailer categorize my Walking Between Worlds trilogy as YA, or ‘young adult’. We had a couple of discussions about it, and I pointed out what each of us already knew. We had both been reading Stephen King at thirteen or fourteen years old. I stopped reading Xanth books when I discovered that Piers Anthony also wrote books for adults, and that I enjoyed them a lot more. I was in sixth grade at the time. My mom had some pretty steamy romance novels kicking around, and I read plenty of those when I ran out of science fiction and fantasy and horror. I didn’t love them like the books I swiped from my dad, but they were more to my liking than the books being written for my age group. Continue reading “#TodayIAmAWriter – The Worldly Reader”

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#TodayIAmAWriter – Zombie Zero Short Stories

I have been looking forward to today for awhile, and working hard to make sure I was ready for it. When I finished the edits on Zombie Zero: The First Zombie in February, I freaked out (in the best way possible). I was way ahead of schedule, thanks to Scrivener (a writing program) and a more disciplined and consistent writing schedule. I couldn’t write much more than the first few chapters in the conclusion without some footwork; and due to the release schedule I had already bumped up once, I didn’t want to pull any triggers early and end up shooting myself in the foot. So I went back over the first book, and I let a thought that had struck me while writing it strike me again.

There was one particular point in the story that made my mind wonder: what happened there? The character moves on, as does the story, but another story waits at the other side of that doorway that got left unopened. (I am being metaphorical, instead of obvious; I hate spoilers.) As soon as I asked, my question was answered: there are a lot of stories within this story; which ones do you want to know about? Continue reading “#TodayIAmAWriter – Zombie Zero Short Stories”

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Newsletter News: More Subscriber Perks

As you surely know at this point, I am kinda knee-deep in gore with my current writing project. In the same movement that stopped me killing trees and smearing graphite or gel ink all over my hand (yes, I am left-handed; no, I don’t want to learn to contort my hand so that doesn’t happen. Those people are in the same part of their brain as all the right-handers; there are enough of them already). So now I use both hands, and my brain lights up in more places, and we all benefit from that.

How do you benefit? Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you! Let’s go back a little bit, so I can explain more throughly.

When I first started working on Zombie Zero, I thought it was going to be one long book. There were so many things happening in the story, and so many characters introducing themselves to me in my head; not only that, there was a whole world falling apart, and countless stories to be told within that fall. The thought of considering all of this supporting material ‘fat’, and cutting it, was an impossible one to consider; some of these characters show up in the sequel, although if their stories were told in the first book it would seem like a bunch of irrelevant fluff. I don’t mind the apocalyptic novel that spends a bunch of time on a bunch of characters that end up dying before the story really gets cooking; but it’s been done before, plenty of times, and that was not going to do anything but slow down the pacing of this book. Continue reading “Newsletter News: More Subscriber Perks”

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Newsletter Perks (aka, the Zombie Zero prologue is here)

ZombieZero MediumAd

Well, what’s the point of subscribing to a newsletter if it doesn’t get you special treatment? I know that, and so does Dawn, which is why she made the companion tale to the Walking Between Worlds trilogy (The Walker’s Way) available only to newsletter subscribers initially. Now it can also be found in the Sudden Insight Publishing anthology Paws For A Tale, as can a collection of other wonderful stories from some great authors. But other than that, we didn’t know what to do to keep up the budding friendship other than regular blog posts.

Then we had a thought. With the other books I have written, the first few chapters have been made available to everyone in the weeks preceding their respective releases. We decided to change our approach with sharing, as well as our schedule. Rather than wait for the book to be done, and have four weeks of public posts, we are taking a different route with Zombie Zero. Continue reading “Newsletter Perks (aka, the Zombie Zero prologue is here)”

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#TodayIAmAWriter – New Writing Goals

Well, January looked a lot like September through December of last year did. I did a lot of book stuff, Dawn did a lot of book stuff, and most everything else got put off. That’s not bad; we added two new titles to the Sudden Insight Publishing library, and I wrote a lot in Zombie Zero. Oh, sorry, I should have capitalized that: I wrote A LOT in Zombie Zero. I wrote a little something every day, but most days I wrote well over a thousand words. Add that to the work I did on it in October, November and December leading up to that and…well, the first draft is pretty much done. Again, that’s not bad; but there are some issues. Continue reading “#TodayIAmAWriter – New Writing Goals”

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