Thoughts That Hurt to Think #081 – Americans Throw Away A Lot Of Food!

Last year I found myself regularly driving by a billboard I found annoying for several reasons. The message it was shouting out to all passersby was simple, and dramatic; it was also wrong, but we’ll get to that. In a single sentence, this costly advertisement said a whole bunch of things about the people paying for it aside from what they were trying to say about the rest of us.

‘Every American wastes 290 pounds of food a year.’ Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #081 – Americans Throw Away A Lot Of Food!”

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #080 – They Are Us and We Are Them!

Sometimes the way we phrase things says something about us, and other times we are just looking for a way to get our point across. Using terms other people have used before can happen without us really thinking about it, and it can become easy for us to take those terms for granted in certain ways.

Like them, and us. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #080 – They Are Us and We Are Them!”

Earth is in Space!

Dear Reader,

If you have been coming here on a regular basis for awhile, I have some things I would like to say to you. I’ve joked about damaging my fourth wall before, but today I want to set it aside entirely so I might speak to you directly. Whatever my reasons are for writing a blog like this, you’re the reason I post it every week; and I’d like to take the time to make sure you know how I feel about that.

For anyone new to the blog, may I suggest reading one of the fifty plus blogs I have posted in the series; this week is for my readers. Feel free to come back to this post after you have firmly decided this series is for you.

Now, back to my readers…

To begin, I want to say thank you. It was conversations with people who like to think about and talk about this sort of thing that inspired this idea in the first place, and coming back to read this series on a regular basis means you’re probably one of those people. If we were to meet, I think we would both enjoy the encounter. We might sit awhile and talk about how weird it is to live in a world like this, and have a good laugh or two in the process.

Books have meant a great deal to me as far back as I can remember, and finding an author I really like has always made me feel as though some kind of friendship was forming as I sought out everything they had written. Even when I knew an author was dead, reading one book after another by a mind I admired or grooved with in some way has always been a special thing. As a reader, I wondered more than once how authors felt about this relationship. Did they write books because it was something they needed to get out, or were they thrilled at the thought of people reading their words and coming away glad for it?

As it turns out, it’s actually both. Maybe some authors don’t care about who reads their books, or if anyone does; but a lot of us do. Those of us who have a passion for writing know it will happen whether anyone wants to read it or not; but a special circle closes when someone does read it, and there is nothing quite like that feeling of completion. As someone who always wondered whether or not the people writing the books I loved cared about how they affected me, I want to make sure anyone who enjoys reading anything I write knows what that means to me.

Especially when it comes to this series. You can see snippets of my experiences and hints on my perspective in my other books; but these weekly posts have been uniquely rewarding for me. Like I said before, these are some of the subjects that might come up if we were to meet up and talk; and even if the conversation seems a little one-sided sometimes, it really isn’t. You reading these posts forges a connection between us, as does me writing them and sharing them; and that connection is one I am grateful for.

So, really…we kind of have met already.

Now that this project has been underway for awhile, it’s time to start following through with the original plan. Select posts have been turned into chapters, and compiled into the first book in the set this blog series will become. I wanted to make sure you were notified as soon as the book was available, so you could decide whether or not you would like to add it to your collection.

I’m still grateful to you for reading the blog for free, and I hope you continue to come back for the weekly installments. If you don’t buy the book, for whatever reason, I want to make sure you are aware of that. But if you do buy it…you will be showing your support, and your appreciation for this project. You’ll also get some updated versions of old posts, and some previously unpublished content written exclusively for the book.

Like the title post, ‘Earth Is In Space!’

The blog will keep coming out, and the books will release every once in a while. I’ll let you in on a little secret that won’t be secret for long, and tell you the next one is releasing within thirty days; but every book that gets published means a bunch of blog posts get taken down…so we’ll take a bit of a break after that.

If you want to really send me over the moon, you can order a print copy directly from my website. That way I get to sign it, and dedicate it if you’d like. Maybe you know some folks who would dig a book like this, and you want a few copies; if so, shipping is the same for up to three copies and I can put a unique dedication in each of them. This is the kind of book you want on your bookshelf, or your coffee table; it makes the difficult job of finding the fun people a little easier, when properly placed. Go ahead and click the picture of the print copy below, if you want to order a copy or three directly from me.

For anyone who likes to keep their online shopping restricted to certain sites, you can always get the print version of the book on Amazon. I can’t sign it for you, or dedicate it; but I am aware of every copy that sells, and you can buy it knowing I’m glad you did. Even the unsigned copies have the power to start up a fun conversation, and I really like the idea of paper copies of this book being out there in the world.

Click here to buy a print copy of ‘Earth Is In Space!’ on Amazon

The last thing I want to do is make you feel bad if you read ebooks. Every one of those sales means a lot to me, too; and you can pick up your copy now with the knowledge that you doing so is something special to me. Whether you are new to the blog, and every chapter is fresh; or you just want to show your support and add the title to your collection, I would like to thank you for picking up a copy. When you hear a little voice in your head after ordering it, saying “thank you”…you can know that’s me.

Click here to buy an ebook copy of ‘Earth Is In Space!’

Hopefully reading the title chapter will fill your need to read about thoughts that hurt to think for the week, and you’ll come back next week for another regularly scheduled post.
And hopefully, you know just what I mean now when I say…

Thanks for reading!

All the best,

J.K. Norry
The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning
Twitter: @JayNorry

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #079 – They’re Launching Dead Celebrities Into Space!

Ever since people first started dying, other people have taken it upon themselves to do something with the body. Moving it away from people is completely understandable, since food and water do not mix with decay; also, nobody smells good when they’re dead. However, a few particular people had to sit around spending serious time coming up with some of the other methods. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #079 – They’re Launching Dead Celebrities Into Space!”

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #078 – They’re Filling Space With Junk!

Satellites have ushered in a new era, along with all the technology they enable in one way or another. The first one was a real big deal, and had a name that stuck in a lot of people’s minds long after it had fallen to the Earth to burn up in the atmosphere. Sputnik was launched in 1957, and hung out in low orbit for nearly three months.

The batteries in that first satellite lasted about three weeks, transmitting radio pulses on four different channels so esteemed scientists and amateur radio enthusiasts could go all gaga over the event. After that, it continued to orbit silently until our planet’s gravity got the best of it. Sputnik traveled over forty million miles, orbited the Earth more than fourteen hundred times, and ended dramatically as a fireball when it tried to return to Earth. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #078 – They’re Filling Space With Junk!”

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #077 -The Pendulum Is The Problem!

Many social issues can be likened to a pendulum, and have been by plenty of people before me; every swing of the blade in one direction leads to a swing in the other, leading popular opinion to do the same. The most classic example is the office of president, in America; the collective mind gets tired of leaning right for four or eight years, and decides to lean left for the next four or eight. We have a pretty strong history of swinging every eight years or so, especially in my lifetime; but that might just mean we get used to the devil we know, and it’s hard to break old habits even when they’re not serving us as we might have hoped. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #077 -The Pendulum Is The Problem!”

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #076 – Psychedelics are a Major Threat!

The powers that be in this country have been battling mind altering substances for quite some time now. Even before publicly declaring war on drugs, the government took plenty of shots at most of the things that fall under that umbrella. Alcohol prohibition was short-lived in America, from most people’s standpoint; but it’s still going on in many parts of the nation, and no one shows any signs of changing things in those areas. Rumors abound concerning the relationships between illegal moonshiners and the local law enforcement, and how they may not have evolved any more than the laws have in those counties; but for the most part, alcohol is legal to purchase and drink in the United States. It has been for some time. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #076 – Psychedelics are a Major Threat!”

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #075 – Life Seeks Higher States!

Altering your consciousness is a natural instinct. People do it, and always have. So have monkeys, and otters, and bugs and…well, pretty much everything. Interrupting old thought patterns is essential to all life, and perhaps the worst fate any organism can suffer is staying in one place mentally for an entire lifetime. The only way to create change in the world is to create a change in your own thinking, even if other organisms think personal exploration should be forbidden.

Psychedelic enthusiasts often claim pretty much every good thing came from mind-altering substances. In some cases, they even theorize that one likely led to another. Mead might have been discovered when folks were looking for ways to preserve mushrooms containing psilocybin, which may or may not have been a pleasant surprise in the moment. It would be pretty hilarious if it were true, since alcohol ruins and ends a lot of lives while natural psychedelics have still killed a total of zero people.

I guess gateway drugs are real after all. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #075 – Life Seeks Higher States!”

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #073 – Mount Everest Is An Open Graveyard!

Mount Everest is so tall, you can see it from pretty far away. This created a bit of a problem for British surveyors, back in the day; so many people who lived in the area could see it, and everyone had their own name for it. Unfortunately, all the different names were far from similar. Since they liked to name things so much, often without regard for the local language or people, they went ahead and dubbed it Mount Everest.

Sir George Everest had a problem with that, and did not see the situation as the honor the guy who suggested it probably thought he would. He argued that there was no way to spell his name in the languages spoken nearby, and pronouncing it would be even harder for the locals than spelling it. Despite his protestations, the name stuck; we don’t pronounce it the same way he did his name, but we shouldn’t feel too bad about that. The locals get it wrong, too. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #073 – Mount Everest Is An Open Graveyard!”

Thoughts That Hurt to Think #072 – Most Christians are Lutheran!

You might think I’m here to mess with Christians, but I’m really not. Organized religion has a lot of benefits, and many of the most morally upright and friendly people I have known have been subscribers. Just because I choose a more solitary path in fulfilling that part of me doesn’t mean I don’t see the value in other people having that option. Most religions have practical day to day applications that can definitely lead some folks to a better place. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt to Think #072 – Most Christians are Lutheran!”