Why I Love To Write Bonus Post – Author, Be Humble

This is a post that really hits home on what this series is all about. Initially, I considered writing this as a letter to myself and sharing it with you in that form. Instead, I’ll write it as though I am addressing the new or soon to be author. That’s the version of me I would have tried to send that letter back to, had I written it. He was not at all familiar with humility. For a long time I thought I was the only one that suffered from this problem; now that I’ve met more aspiring authors in the last couple years than in my whole life till then, I recognize that the problem is actually quite common.

I thought my first book would turn my whole life around, that it would get sales right away without me even trying, and that it would thrust me all by itself from one career to another. Even when I sent it off to a couple of traditional publishers back then, I was totally arrogant about it. I wrote cover letters that violated every rule, and only hit up publishing houses that clearly stated on their websites that they did not publish first-time authors. It didn’t matter what the rules were; I knew my book was brilliant, and worth breaking them all. Continue reading “Why I Love To Write Bonus Post – Author, Be Humble”

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