Why I Love To Write Bonus Post – An Author’s Faith

Faith is a word whose meaning has changed over the years for me. Not too long ago, it took on a whole new meaning. We are not talking about the kind of thing most folks are talking about when they talk about faith here. This is a blog for authors, and writers who want to become authors; and we writers have to have our own brand of faith. It has only been a little while now that I have had what I would call an author’s faith. In it’s own way, it has come to mean as much to me as the other kind.

I won’t go into the details that delight some and bore others, and talk about the other kind; at least, not here. You can check out my first book, ‘Stumbling Backasswards Into The Light’, if you want that from me. Or, wait for the sequel. It’s coming, finally, in 2017. Mid to late, I’d say. But enough about that. Continue reading “Why I Love To Write Bonus Post – An Author’s Faith”

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