The Clean Slate (and Other Myths)

[This journal entry is from October 16th, 1997. As always, Jay’s current thoughts about this entry are in the post script – Dawn]

     Not many of us are fortunate enough to be raised in Spirit, by people who live in Spirit. Let me rephrase, lest I am misunderstood: everyone lives in Spirit, yet few do so consciously and intentionally, therefore the amount of Spirit they acknowledge in their daily life is quite by accident, and subject to falter unexpectedly.

     Please don’t fault these people for not living in Spirit. Everyone does the best they can with what they have, and those who stray furthest from the Path suffer their own endless torture. They may have raised and taught you in the wrong ways, but it was inevitably the result of being raised and taught the wrong ways themselves, by people who were raised and taught in the wrong ways. It can be traced back into prehistoric times, and you can blame great grandaddy Og for your misery, but I guarantee that will do nothing but pass it on. Continue reading “The Clean Slate (and Other Myths)”

What It Means To Me… Selfish, Part 2: Selfless

What It Means To Me… Selfish, Part 2: Selfless

[Please see lasts weeks blog “What It Means To Me… Selfish, Part1: Selfish” for the original post and commentary on part 1 – Dawn]

     Let’s look at the other side of this coin, and how “selfless” creates just as much confusion as “selfish” does, if not more. Again, everyone would wrap a different net of words around this concept if asked to do so, so let’s go to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app on my iPhone to see what they have to say on it. (Is it arrogant of me to assume that it will be as confusing as “selfish”?)

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The Spaces Between

[This journal entry is from February 17th, 2005. As always, Jay’s current thoughts about this entry are in the post script – Dawn]

The Spaces Between

     There is a space between any outside stimulus and one’s inner response. There is yet another space between one’s inner response and outer expression of that response. These two spaces, how we use them, if we use them; and how conscious said uses of them are, largely defines who we are in the world.

     (Disclaimer: I know there’s no real difference between ‘inner’ and ‘outer’, and that who you are inside will inevitably determine who you are in the world. I’m just trying to make that very point by dancing around the point in my own special way. Bear with me.)

     (Disclaimer disclaimer: if that disclaimer makes no sense to you, ignore it and read on. You’ll understand one day.) Continue reading “The Spaces Between”

What It Means to Me… Living In the Moment

“What It Means To Me… Living In The Moment”

    We’ve all experienced it to some degree…in doing something we love, or something we are good at; in a satisfying meditation practice; in a quiet moment by the crashing ocean; or in a lover’s embrace…there you are, neither tilting your mind into the future nor levering your energy into the past…and the moment opens up its sweet fullness to you…ahhh…

     Then the phone yells at you and your spouse rings to pick it up and…the moment is racing by and you’ve fallen behind again.

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[This journal entry is from January 31, 2005. As always, Jay’s current thoughts about this entry are in the post script. And the Pre Script to the Post Script. The #WordyMoFo strikes again! – Dawn]


     There are so many words and phrases that get misunderstood when the enlightened address the unenlightened. It helps to remember what a fool I was just a few short years ago… a word like “unenlightened” would’ve been far too kind. Yet many good, striving people have only seen the world from the human side… in their unenlightened state, they strive to reach enlightenment. Yet so many things the masters speak of only truly make sense to another master.

     Detachment is a state many spiritual people think they wish to attain. It really isn’t so. LOVE is the state we’re striving towards here, folks. It’s just that LOVE in its spiritual sense feels like detachment from a human standpoint.

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