[This journal entry is from January 31, 2005. As always, Jay’s current thoughts about this entry are in the post script. And the Pre Script to the Post Script. The #WordyMoFo strikes again! – Dawn]


     There are so many words and phrases that get misunderstood when the enlightened address the unenlightened. It helps to remember what a fool I was just a few short years ago… a word like “unenlightened” would’ve been far too kind. Yet many good, striving people have only seen the world from the human side… in their unenlightened state, they strive to reach enlightenment. Yet so many things the masters speak of only truly make sense to another master.

     Detachment is a state many spiritual people think they wish to attain. It really isn’t so. LOVE is the state we’re striving towards here, folks. It’s just that LOVE in its spiritual sense feels like detachment from a human standpoint.

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