Earth is in Space!

Dear Reader,

If you have been coming here on a regular basis for awhile, I have some things I would like to say to you. I’ve joked about damaging my fourth wall before, but today I want to set it aside entirely so I might speak to you directly. Whatever my reasons are for writing a blog like this, you’re the reason I post it every week; and I’d like to take the time to make sure you know how I feel about that.

For anyone new to the blog, may I suggest reading one of the fifty plus blogs I have posted in the series; this week is for my readers. Feel free to come back to this post after you have firmly decided this series is for you.

Now, back to my readers…

To begin, I want to say thank you. It was conversations with people who like to think about and talk about this sort of thing that inspired this idea in the first place, and coming back to read this series on a regular basis means you’re probably one of those people. If we were to meet, I think we would both enjoy the encounter. We might sit awhile and talk about how weird it is to live in a world like this, and have a good laugh or two in the process.

Books have meant a great deal to me as far back as I can remember, and finding an author I really like has always made me feel as though some kind of friendship was forming as I sought out everything they had written. Even when I knew an author was dead, reading one book after another by a mind I admired or grooved with in some way has always been a special thing. As a reader, I wondered more than once how authors felt about this relationship. Did they write books because it was something they needed to get out, or were they thrilled at the thought of people reading their words and coming away glad for it?

As it turns out, it’s actually both. Maybe some authors don’t care about who reads their books, or if anyone does; but a lot of us do. Those of us who have a passion for writing know it will happen whether anyone wants to read it or not; but a special circle closes when someone does read it, and there is nothing quite like that feeling of completion. As someone who always wondered whether or not the people writing the books I loved cared about how they affected me, I want to make sure anyone who enjoys reading anything I write knows what that means to me.

Especially when it comes to this series. You can see snippets of my experiences and hints on my perspective in my other books; but these weekly posts have been uniquely rewarding for me. Like I said before, these are some of the subjects that might come up if we were to meet up and talk; and even if the conversation seems a little one-sided sometimes, it really isn’t. You reading these posts forges a connection between us, as does me writing them and sharing them; and that connection is one I am grateful for.

So, really…we kind of have met already.

Now that this project has been underway for awhile, it’s time to start following through with the original plan. Select posts have been turned into chapters, and compiled into the first book in the set this blog series will become. I wanted to make sure you were notified as soon as the book was available, so you could decide whether or not you would like to add it to your collection.

I’m still grateful to you for reading the blog for free, and I hope you continue to come back for the weekly installments. If you don’t buy the book, for whatever reason, I want to make sure you are aware of that. But if you do buy it…you will be showing your support, and your appreciation for this project. You’ll also get some updated versions of old posts, and some previously unpublished content written exclusively for the book.

Like the title post, ‘Earth Is In Space!’

The blog will keep coming out, and the books will release every once in a while. I’ll let you in on a little secret that won’t be secret for long, and tell you the next one is releasing within thirty days; but every book that gets published means a bunch of blog posts get taken down…so we’ll take a bit of a break after that.

If you want to really send me over the moon, you can order a print copy directly from my website. That way I get to sign it, and dedicate it if you’d like. Maybe you know some folks who would dig a book like this, and you want a few copies; if so, shipping is the same for up to three copies and I can put a unique dedication in each of them. This is the kind of book you want on your bookshelf, or your coffee table; it makes the difficult job of finding the fun people a little easier, when properly placed. Go ahead and click the picture of the print copy below, if you want to order a copy or three directly from me.

For anyone who likes to keep their online shopping restricted to certain sites, you can always get the print version of the book on Amazon. I can’t sign it for you, or dedicate it; but I am aware of every copy that sells, and you can buy it knowing I’m glad you did. Even the unsigned copies have the power to start up a fun conversation, and I really like the idea of paper copies of this book being out there in the world.

Click here to buy a print copy of ‘Earth Is In Space!’ on Amazon

The last thing I want to do is make you feel bad if you read ebooks. Every one of those sales means a lot to me, too; and you can pick up your copy now with the knowledge that you doing so is something special to me. Whether you are new to the blog, and every chapter is fresh; or you just want to show your support and add the title to your collection, I would like to thank you for picking up a copy. When you hear a little voice in your head after ordering it, saying “thank you”…you can know that’s me.

Click here to buy an ebook copy of ‘Earth Is In Space!’

Hopefully reading the title chapter will fill your need to read about thoughts that hurt to think for the week, and you’ll come back next week for another regularly scheduled post.
And hopefully, you know just what I mean now when I say…

Thanks for reading!

All the best,

J.K. Norry
The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning
Twitter: @JayNorry

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Indie Author Spotlight – Adam Dreece brings us ‘The Man of Cloud 9’

Every once in a while I like to showcase my fellow indie authors. Today I shine the spotlight on someone who has been a great mentor to me, as well as a good friend. Let’s learn a little more about Adam Dreece and his latest book, ‘The Man of Cloud 9’…


“Few people know that when the solar flare burned the middle states, Niko nearly abandoned his dream. Imagine that for a moment. There would have been no NanoClouds, no hero bringing about an era of innovation, no one reminding our broken nation that it could heal. We would have stayed in the shadow of the past, instead of rising and casting our own.” Phoebe took a steadying breath and smiled. The crowd waited patiently.

“I got to know Niko,” she continued, “right after the Flare. He was so passionate about his vision. And each and every day he was urged by those in authority to drop it. His life would have been so much easier if he had, but he wouldn’t, he couldn’t. That’s not… wasn’t Niko.” A sorrowful laugh escaped. “Not at all.” Continue reading “Indie Author Spotlight – Adam Dreece brings us ‘The Man of Cloud 9’”

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Zombie Zero – Meet The Characters

I thought this would be a fun idea, but I didn’t want to ruin it for anyone by explaining too much too soon. When I started writing this story, folks from the world we live in started showing up. They were all heroes of mine, people that have deep thoughts and admirable work ethics. It only made sense that these folks that were working so hard in our world would be working just as hard in another world that was so much like it. I messaged a lot of people in our world to ask if I could mention them in my story about a reality much like our own.

I told these people, the ones I could get ahold of, that I wanted them in my book. Most of the mentions are first names, that might not be paired up with their last names until the next book. I wanted to get permission before I put the books in motion, though; I’m going to list them in order of appearance in the book, if you want to watch for them. Most are in the italicized first paragraph of a chapter, as are some character names, but not all of them. There will be more of nearly all of them in the next book. Continue reading “Zombie Zero – Meet The Characters”

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Why I Love To Write #009 – Paving the Path

This is a very appropriate day for this post, for a couple of good reasons. First, it’s Indie Pride Day! It’s like Thanksgiving for independent authors and publishers, an opportunity to be grateful for all the possibilities and relationships available in today’s writer’s world. The community of indie authors is a big one, and many make it a point to support other indie authors in various ways throughout the year. Today is a chance to say ‘Thank You’ to all those folks lending that support. It’s also a day to stop, take a breath, and feel a little pride for the work you have put in since last Indie Pride Day. Humility is important, but so is acknowledging how hard you’ve been working. Those milestones flew by because it was you at the wheel; today you get to pat yourself on the back for that. Okay, now get back to work!

Just kidding. Please, keep reading. Continue reading “Why I Love To Write #009 – Paving the Path”

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#TodayIAmAWriter – A Busy Month

Things got pretty busy around here in March. The funny thing is, much of us being busy was all about getting ready for an even busier month in April. Oh, and look at that…here it is already! Happy April! I don’t think I could be much more excited about what is coming up.

Today I released the second of eighteen short stories to my newsletter subscribers, supporting content for my upcoming novel Zombie Zero: The First Zombie. Hop on over and subscribe if you want, if you’re not already: the only way to get all eighteen short stories is to sign up. I would tell you all about the benefits of being a member of The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning but…well, it’s kind of a secret. If you are already getting my weekly messages, hopefully you aren’t having any trouble decoding them; and thank you for stopping by here as well.

Crystals Cough Continue reading “#TodayIAmAWriter – A Busy Month”

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Newsletter News: More Subscriber Perks

As you surely know at this point, I am kinda knee-deep in gore with my current writing project. In the same movement that stopped me killing trees and smearing graphite or gel ink all over my hand (yes, I am left-handed; no, I don’t want to learn to contort my hand so that doesn’t happen. Those people are in the same part of their brain as all the right-handers; there are enough of them already). So now I use both hands, and my brain lights up in more places, and we all benefit from that.

How do you benefit? Well, that’s what I’m here to tell you! Let’s go back a little bit, so I can explain more throughly.

When I first started working on Zombie Zero, I thought it was going to be one long book. There were so many things happening in the story, and so many characters introducing themselves to me in my head; not only that, there was a whole world falling apart, and countless stories to be told within that fall. The thought of considering all of this supporting material ‘fat’, and cutting it, was an impossible one to consider; some of these characters show up in the sequel, although if their stories were told in the first book it would seem like a bunch of irrelevant fluff. I don’t mind the apocalyptic novel that spends a bunch of time on a bunch of characters that end up dying before the story really gets cooking; but it’s been done before, plenty of times, and that was not going to do anything but slow down the pacing of this book. Continue reading “Newsletter News: More Subscriber Perks”

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Reblog: The Story Behind The Stories #002

There are two good reasons for me to post another Sudden Insight Publishing blog the week after starting this column. One is that we have been working with a new author on getting her first book together, and today is release day! The other is an outgrowth of that, a conversation that we had when it came time to look at pricing. Let’s start with the exciting news… Continue reading “Reblog: The Story Behind The Stories #002”

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Reblog: The Story Behind The Stories – Our First Anthology

Anthology Ad

Today is the release date for Sudden Insight Publishing’s first anthology, and what an exciting day it is! It marks the end of a lot of hard work, to the projects within projects that were pulling this all together; and a beginning to all of our efforts having a chance to help a worthwhile cause. Profits from the sales of this publication will go to the SPCA, as thanks from all of the contributors to a special and worthwhile cause. Continue reading “Reblog: The Story Behind The Stories – Our First Anthology”

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Walking In A Winter Wonderland Giveaway

The Walking In A Winter Wonderland Giveaway starts today! One lucky newsletter subscriber will win a Kindle Fire 7″ and my entire ebook catalog! Second prize is a signed paperback set of the complete Walking Between Worlds trilogy. And everyone gets a copy of “The Walker’s Way” for free, just for signing up!

Sign me up for the newsletter, I want to win!

The nitty gritty: Giveaway runs until December 26th. Winners will be chosen from the subscriber list using All winners will be notified via email on December 27th.

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The Walking Between Worlds Trilogy is complete!

I am proud to announce that Sudden Insight Publishing is releasing the final book in my latest trilogy today. All three books are available in both print and ebook format, and the companion tale is available for free to anyone who signs up for my newsletter. The first few chapters to all of my books are available for free as well, another way to get a sample of my style and the story.

Thanks to everyone reading, the books and the blog and anything else I might churn out. It means a lot to have you with me on this journey, in whatever form you choose to come along. Look forward to more content next year, as Sudden Insight expands its reach into audiobooks and author interviews and…possibly a podcast? We’ll see, as the next year looms pregnant with possibilities.

Contact me at to let me know what you think of the books or the blog, or with nominations for which characters you think should appear in upcoming Walking Between Worlds companion tales. Happy holidays, and thanks for reading!


You still have time to get in on the Walking Between Worlds sale! Get Demons & Angels for 99 cents, or Rise of the Walker King for $1.99! Hurry, sale ends December 3rd.

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