Indie Book Review – Splitsville (Rise of the Discordant Book 2) by Christina McMullen

It’s indie book review time!. Find out what Jay thought of ‘Splitsville’, the second book in Christina McMullen’s ‘Rise of the Discordant’ series. (You can read his review of the first book in the series, ‘Past Life Strife’, by clicking here).

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Indie Book Review – Dolor and Shadow by Angela B. Chrysler

It’s time for another indie book review!. Read on and find out what Jay thought of ‘Dolor and Shadow’, the first book in Angela B. Chrysler’s ‘Tales of the Drui’ series.

Angela B. Chrysler has brought world building to breathtaking heights with ‘Dolor and Shadow’. The first book in the ‘Tales of the Drui’ saga, ‘Dolor and Shadow’ begins what promises to be an epic fantasy series. Chrysler lays it all out in clear terms, showing the reader right away that this is a world that is as compelling and complex as any other. From philosophy and religion to geography and architecture, to weapons and mythology and symbolism, the author introduces us to every aspect of this land and its varied peoples with poetic prose that draws us easily into the story.

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Indie Book Review – Past Life Strife by Christina McMullen

It’s time for another indie book review!. Read on and find out what Jay thought of Past Life Strife, the first book in Christina McMullen’s Rise of the Discordant series.

‘Past Life Strife’, by Christina McMullen, is the first book in the ‘Rise of the Discordant’ series. This is quite a beginning; welcome to Blackbird, indeed! It’s a town crawling with mysterious characters, many of them in the ‘highly unsavory’ category. Luckily, they have an Observer, to watch over the more mystical goings-on in town; Seth is a great guy, and he seems able to do a lot to help folks with the aid of his…wait, she’s gone? And what was her name again? And who’s this new guy? Oh, it’s Desmond; he’s awful cool…along with Bogie, a demon that seems pretty attached to the giant Warrior. Hmmm…how is this group ever going to sort out more trouble than they cause? With witches, maybe?

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– Writing a Book Review –

Book reviews are more important to authors than many readers may think. Just a few years ago, I was not an author; I was an avid reader with a completed manuscript. If you had asked me then how important book reviews are, I would have said not at all. I supposed that those reviews went unread, or disappeared into the ether as soon as the reviewer hit ‘post’. I had no idea that most authors read all of their reviews, even when they get up there in numbers; in fact, many artists scour the internet looking for what folks have to say about their work. It turns out most creative people want to hear that feedback, for whatever reasons they might have.

For today’s writer, book reviews can open doors that otherwise stay firmly shut. When I found this out, I made it a point to start reading and reviewing books. To give credit where credit is due, I totally swiped the initial idea from fellow indie author Michael R. Stern. I made it my own, just as I expect you to do if you leave this page with a desire to leave a review. I did my research, one of the reasons I thought this might be a helpful post. My research led me to Adam Dreece’s website, as it often does, and I saw that he had offered his readers a tutorial on writing reviews. What a great idea! I think I’ll swipe that too!

Of course, I’ll make it my own. There are a number of examples out there; hopefully you’ll find this one helpful. Check out Adam Dreece’s wise advice by clicking this handy link, if you want another perspective.

If all you want to know is how to make a difference, and leave a quick review, here’s the easy path: click on ‘leave a review’ on the book’s Goodreads and Amazon page, and give it however many stars you think it deserves; then hit post. There, you’re done! Want to do a little more? Type in a few words before posting, ‘great read’ or ‘I loved this book’ or ‘fun story’. Repeat the process on all the other Amazon sites in English-speaking countries, and you’ve really helped out! It’s way more than most folks do; pat yourself on the back after you hit ‘post’, and know that you’ve helped someone whose work you enjoyed.

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Indie Book Review – Storm Portal by Michael R Stern

It’s time for another indie book review!. Read on and find out what Jay thought of Storm Portal, the first book in Michael R Stern’s Quantum Touch series.

It’s always fun to read a book that engages the author’s knowledge of a particular subject. Michael R. Stern is clearly as passionate about history as he is about writing. Storm Portal is laid out as the perfect stage for an epic adventure story about to launch. The main character wrestles with his responsibility to everyone around him in this first installment, weighing every possibility before moving ahead with deliberate care. This series promises to be fun to read and full of colorful facts about history and current events.

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Reblog: Indie Book Reviews

Ever wonder what Jay reads when he’s not writing? Well, now you can find out. Read the first of many book reviews to come, today on the Sudden Insight Publishing blog.

Indie Book Reviews – Kind of Like Life by Christina McMullen

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“Demons & Angels” gets the 5 star treatment from UBR

I’m incredibly pleased to share the news – Underground Book Reviews published a glowing review of “Demons & Angels” today, and they’ve given it 5 stars! Reviewer Anita Lock says, “Unique in its design and overall storyline, Norry’s book is a refreshing read that I highly recommend for those who are looking for an attention-grabbing twist about the paranormal and all things religiously spiritual.”

I couldn’t be more pleased.

Read the full review here – Underground Book Reviews

P.S. Attention, Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members! You can now read “Demons & Angels” for free as part of your subscription! Enjoy the first book of this exciting philosophical fantasy series now, and get ready for the exciting conclusion – Book III: Fall of the Walker King (coming December 1st, 2015).

Amazon sale

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Where in the world is Jay?

This weekend is the 2015 Author Cyber Convention at Goodreads! Join Jay and 30+ of his fellow indie authors for a full weekend of activities. Scavenger hunts, genre lotteries, author Q&A, and much, much more, all from the comfort of your phone/tablet/laptop. Jay will be giving away copies of “Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels” during the convention – visit his booth at the convention fair grounds by clicking on the image below for details on how you can win!

Author Cyber Convention - Profile Image

The London Book Fair begins April 14th. Will you be attending this year? If so, make sure to stop by the PubMatch Bookshelf, where you’ll find Jay’s books and many other quality reads from indie/self published authors. Jay is unable to make the trip across the pond for LBR this year, but he would love to see your LBR 2015 photos! Comment to this blog post with a picture of yourself and one of Jay’s books at LBR 2015, and Jay will send you some swag in return (mmmm, author swag).

If you haven’t already read Juniper Grove’s review of “Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels”, you can check it out here. Thank you Jaidis & Sheri for the 4 trees!

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4 Trees and a Smile on My Face.

Juniper Grove has reviewed “Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels”, and I’m incredibly pleased to report that they gave it 4 trees out of 5! Read what they have to say about the book here: Book Review: Walking Between Worlds: Demons & Angels by J. K. Norry 

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