Indie Book Review – The Wizard Killer by Adam Dreece

It’s time for another indie book review!. Read on and find out what Jay thought of The Wizard Killer, the latest book from Adam Dreece.

The Wizard Killer grabs you right away, and drags you from one scene to the next with wonderful ferocity. Adam Dreece had stepped smoothly from one style to another with this book, while continuing to build the layers of his ravaged steampunk world. This first-person moment-to-moment tale puts the reader right in the driver’s seat immediately; there is no time to pause, or go back, or set it down. The story is busy rushing forward, and one can’t help but rush forward right along with it.

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Reblog: The Story Behind the Stories #003 – Reviews

I have written books and product reviews in my head as far back as I can remember. Now that the books are finally getting out there, it only stands to reason that the reviews should follow. It has only been in the last couple years that I have realized how important reviews are, and how much they can mean to an artist or creator. I always thought that any comments I left would disappear into a black hole where no one would read them, and the creator would never know of them. I had no idea that a customer review can make an artist’s day, or encourage others to follow their work; and honestly, I thought customer reviews and testimonials were always fake. Continue reading “Reblog: The Story Behind the Stories #003 – Reviews”

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Reblog: Along Came A Wolf book review

It’s time for another Indie Book Review! See what Jay had to say about the first book of The Yellow Hoods series over at the Sudden Insight Publishing blog.

Indie Book Reviews: Along Came a Wolf by Adam Dreece

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