Thoughts That Hurt To Think #010 – That’s a Big Dam Problem!

Not too long ago, my family found ourselves under an evacuation order. There was a dam having problems upstream from us, and our town was one of the places in danger of being flooded. It was a real worst case scenario they were entertaining, and the proper steps were taken to avoid that possibility…but it got me thinking, and doing a little research. It’s amazing how many things come to your attention when you’re writing a blog called ‘Thoughts That Hurt to Think’ every week, and the universe has spoken to me in a number of ways to bring me fresh ideas.

Honestly, though…I never thought I would get an automated phone call telling me it was time to evacuate. Being the person that I am, I started asking some questions. It turns out that this is one of the best examples of thoughts that hurt to think that I could possibly come up with, and I never would have thought of it if we hadn’t been evacuated. Now I wanted to know what that worse case scenario was, how likely it is, and what measures are being taken to avoid it.

It turns out that catastrophe is coming, that it’s inevitable, and that not much is being done about it at all. If you think I’m being dramatic, read on…then do your research, and correct me if I’m wrong. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt To Think #010 – That’s a Big Dam Problem!”