Thoughts That Hurt To Think #012 – We’re All Masters of Hypnosis!

Have you ever seen a professional hypnotist? They put people under, and make them cluck like chickens or bark like dogs or dance around like their favorite pop star. They make them see things that aren’t there, and experience events that aren’t happening, just by using the techniques they have been trained in.

If you go to the adult show, you might see more than clucking. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt To Think #012 – We’re All Masters of Hypnosis!”

Why All the God Talk? Part 2 of 4: Separation

[This is the second part of a journal entry that was originally written between October 30th – November 3rd, 1997 (read Part 1: The Ancient Automobile here). You can read what Today Jay has to say about what Yesterday Jay wrote in the Post Script. Enjoy!]

Yet with the intelligence and awareness there had come another creation: Separation. They saw only with their eyes, felt only with their skin, heard only with their ears. They experienced the world not as part of them, but as a place they were. They experienced time not as a creation, but as a reality, an absolute. Their experience was hugely limited, for they saw themselves as beings in themselves… perhaps a creation of another being, but certainly not a part.

This separation became a great phenomenon in and of itself. Each man and woman’s individual memories and experiences became their only source of wisdom, intelligence, and point of view. Confined within this system, each individual lost sight of the truth of the larger picture, and became unable to, as a speck of sand, see the entire beach. Sometimes other specks of sand, but very rarely the beach. Continue reading “Why All the God Talk? Part 2 of 4: Separation”

I Completely Disagree

[This journal entry was originally written on October 29th, 1997. As always, you can read what Jay thinks about this subject now in the Post Script.]

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you’ve done, whatever you do; you deserve happiness. Don’t get caught in a bitterness trap, or a fearful cycle, or even a comfortable cycle. Whether it’s “I’ve done this nearly my whole life; I can’t make up for the wrongs I’ve done, I can’t change…” or if it’s “Well, I’ve done well, nobody despises me, plenty of people love me, I’m all right like this…”, you’re falling for the same trap. Whether you’re perfectly comfortable or perfectly miserable, you can find a greater degree of happiness, and all it takes is acknowledging love. Continue reading “I Completely Disagree”

The Clean Slate (and Other Myths)

[This journal entry is from October 16th, 1997. As always, Jay’s current thoughts about this entry are in the post script – Dawn]

     Not many of us are fortunate enough to be raised in Spirit, by people who live in Spirit. Let me rephrase, lest I am misunderstood: everyone lives in Spirit, yet few do so consciously and intentionally, therefore the amount of Spirit they acknowledge in their daily life is quite by accident, and subject to falter unexpectedly.

     Please don’t fault these people for not living in Spirit. Everyone does the best they can with what they have, and those who stray furthest from the Path suffer their own endless torture. They may have raised and taught you in the wrong ways, but it was inevitably the result of being raised and taught the wrong ways themselves, by people who were raised and taught in the wrong ways. It can be traced back into prehistoric times, and you can blame great grandaddy Og for your misery, but I guarantee that will do nothing but pass it on. Continue reading “The Clean Slate (and Other Myths)”


[This article was originally written by Jay in four sections. The first section was written on June 24th, 2001. The second was started on June 26th, 2001, then picked back up again, mid-sentence and without missing a beat, on February 2nd, 2002. Jay wrote the third and fourth sections March 18-19th, 2003. As always, you can read what Jay thinks about this subject in 2014 in the post script. Happy reading! – Dawn]


     Happiness. Happiness is the path, it is the journey, it is the vehicle, it is the fuel; and it is, of course, the destination. Happiness.

     Thwarted happiness causes all sorts of ugly circumstances, from the harmless complainer to the mass murderer. Yet happiness pursued can change the most destructive person into a useful and productive member of society.

     It’s been said that we all must have something to live for, whether it’s consciously or unconsciously. And it’s true, I think: something motivates each of us each morning to get out of bed and do what we do throughout the day. What we do is a physical manifestation of the “why” behind it, and thus we make our lives the way we want to. Continue reading “Happiness”

The Consciously Created Blueprint

[This journal entry is from May 23rd, 2006. As always, Jay’s current thoughts about this entry are in the post script – Dawn]

The Consciously Created Blueprint

     We each have a blueprint, a design by which we live our lives. It’s typically something that was created long ago, unintentionally and erroneously, yet we accept it completely and often without question. It is only by consciously creating and living by a new blueprint that we can be happy.

     No one ever achieved happiness by obeying what another person or other people told or showed them. Others can help us, others can guide us; but the only person who can learn who you truly wish to be and become it is you. Continue reading “The Consciously Created Blueprint”

Negativity and You

[This journal entry is from February 25th, 2005. As always, Jay’s current thoughts about this entry are in the post script – Dawn]

Negativity and You

     Negativity is not you. It’s just not you. Negativity is always transient; and as Spirit, you are Eternal. Spirit always was, always is and always will be. A moment of negativity, even if that moment lasts a lifetime, is going to pass. Negative crap uses its energy up, but Spirit is energy. Negativity has energy and power, as much as we decide to give it; but Spirit doesn’t just have energy, it is energy.

     You can spend all day, all week , all month on eradicating a negative from your life. It may seem overwhelming, it may be tough; but you will succeed if you are relentless. You could spend a lifetime (or many lifetimes) trying to be rid of Spirit, and you will be no closer to your goal when you finally give up than you were when you started. Continue reading “Negativity and You”

The Mind’s Errant Thoughts

[This journal entry is from February 22nd, 2005. As always, Jay’s current thoughts about this entry are in the post script – Dawn]

The Mind’s Errant Thoughts

     It’s amazing, the kinds of thoughts that the mind can choose to indulge in. So many useless, pointless, mindless thoughts that seem to come from nowhere and lead to nothing. It’s a bit comical, and it could be a bit embarrassing if it wasn’t seen as being comical instead.

     I know there’s a great deal of negativity in many minds, and I’m quite grateful to have worked through a lot of that. I vaguely remember what it was like, though… I’d crack a joke, no one would think it was funny (or no one would get it), my thoughts would tell me I was stupid and lame; and I would feel stupid and lame. Next time I’d keep my mouth shut and my thoughts would tell me I was stupid and lame for not taking advantage of such a great opportunity to crack a joke. When your mind has a negative lean to it, it doesn’t really matter what you do; your mind will find and exploit the negative aspect of whatever you did or refrained from doing. If there’s no negative aspect to the situation, your mind will manufacture one. Continue reading “The Mind’s Errant Thoughts”

What It Means To Me… Selfish, Part 2: Selfless

What It Means To Me… Selfish, Part 2: Selfless

[Please see lasts weeks blog “What It Means To Me… Selfish, Part1: Selfish” for the original post and commentary on part 1 – Dawn]

     Let’s look at the other side of this coin, and how “selfless” creates just as much confusion as “selfish” does, if not more. Again, everyone would wrap a different net of words around this concept if asked to do so, so let’s go to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app on my iPhone to see what they have to say on it. (Is it arrogant of me to assume that it will be as confusing as “selfish”?)

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The Optimist, The Pessimist and The Realist

The Optimist, The Pessimist and the Realist

     There are a lot of things that I write about that I don’t really spend much time talking about, and that’s fine. That’s the writer’s work, and of all the wonder I have had opportunity to experience in this life, ordering my thoughts and filling a blank page is one miracle I could not be me without. There are some things I mean to write about, and might even talk about a bit, that I have yet to take the time to write about.

     When “The Screen, The Wax and The Water” turned up in my inbox a few blog posts ago, I was delighted. I had thought up the idea years back, remembered it, but didn’t recall having written it. It made me think of another idea I don’t think I ever wrote about, though it will inevitably end up in one of my books. Questions concerning perspective have always fascinated me.

     This week I am hijacking my own blog and taking it where I feel like taking it. This is an old idea, and probably not one that is unique to my point of view despite my arriving at this conclusive train of logical thought on my own. That’s one of the wonderfully frustrating aspects of philosophy: if it makes sense, surely someone has thought of it. The philosopher’s job is not to present the truth as their own idea, but to offer a version of an eternal idea either stripped of dressings that have made other descriptions either vague or inauthentic; or dressed up in a way that makes sense to anyone who wants to make sense of it without crossing the line into personalizing truth.

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