Thoughts That Hurt To Think #016 -Addicted to the Club!

There is a program that exists in the United States, whose roots go back about fifty or sixty years. New members join or rejoin nearly every day, in hopes of finding a cure for their condition. Instead they are enrolled in the program, and one addiction is replaced with another. It’s obvious to most of the people that have not been indoctrinated into the program that it doesn’t work, but it’s hard to convince the folks that buy in. When they fall off the wagon, it’s not the program’s fault; yet somehow when they stay on it, they give the program credit. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt To Think #016 -Addicted to the Club!”

Thoughts That Hurt To Think #015 – We’re All on Drugs!

The most strict definition I ever heard for ‘drug’ stated that any substance that you put in your body by any means is a drug. I argued then that food shouldn’t be considered a drug, and that air and water shouldn’t either. My argument was that a drug should be classified as something that alters your consciousness in some way, and that most people probably think of mind-altering substances when they think of drugs. I have since realized that both arguments were pretty much right and pretty much wrong all at the same time. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt To Think #015 – We’re All on Drugs!”

Thoughts That Hurt To Think #006 – Cocaine or Freedom?

For a long time I didn’t know that cocaine had medical benefits, or that various forms of the drug found in the coca plant were being used every day in American medicine. All I knew is that rats in laboratories would choose cocaine over food until they died of starvation. I heard that statistic way back when I was a kid, when my little brain was hungry for anything that might present itself as knowledge. It freaked me out, and made me terrified of any mention of the drug. When I found out that it was a medicine, and a commonly used one at that, I did a little more research.

It turns out that the rat study is wrong, in that the premise itself is fundamentally flawed. But we’ll get to that.

First, let’s talk about the coca plant. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt To Think #006 – Cocaine or Freedom?”