#TodayIAmAWriter – A Busy Month

Things got pretty busy around here in March. The funny thing is, much of us being busy was all about getting ready for an even busier month in April. Oh, and look at that…here it is already! Happy April! I don’t think I could be much more excited about what is coming up.

Today I released the second of eighteen short stories to my newsletter subscribers, supporting content for my upcoming novel Zombie Zero: The First Zombie. Hop on over and subscribe if you want, if you’re not already: the only way to get all eighteen short stories is to sign up. I would tell you all about the benefits of being a member of The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning but…well, it’s kind of a secret. If you are already getting my weekly messages, hopefully you aren’t having any trouble decoding them; and thank you for stopping by here as well.

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Reblog: The Story Behind The Stories #005 – Our First Big Book Event

If you have only just discovered Sudden Insight Publishing, we have some exciting news! If you follow us on social media, or on our website, thank you for that…and sorry for all the book festival talk. It’s just that we’re really quite excited, and we can’t help but let it show. The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is one of the largest book showcase and sales events in the world, and Dawn and I are going!

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Enter to win a signed copy of “Rise of the Walker King”

I’m so excited to release the next book in the “Walking Between Worlds” series that I’ve decided to run a Goodreads Giveaway! You have until midnight, August 9th, to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of “Book II: Rise of the Walker King”. Haven’t read “Book I: Demons & Angels” yet? Well aren’t you lucky, the ebook version is on sale for just 99 cents at all of your favorite ebook retailers (but hurry, this sale ends SOON!).

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Walking Between Worlds; Book II by Jay Norry

Walking Between Worlds; Book II

by Jay Norry

Giveaway ends August 09, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

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Help us get the word out!

The 2015 Author Cyber Convention is coming very, very soon. Help us get the word out, and support the Thunderclap campaign. 30+ Indie Authors will love you for it, I promise.

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2015 Author Cyber Convention news!

Mark your calendars, fans and friends! Jay will be one of 30+ authors participating in the 2015 Author Cyber Convention at Goodreads. This online convention takes place April 10th-12th at Goodreads.

Author Cyber Convention - Banner Image

“What’s going on during this online convention?”, you ask?

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Book Lottery (by genre)
  • Interviews and Q & A sessions from your favorite indie authors
  • Games (and prizes, of course)
  • Trivia
  • Blog Tours
  • and much, much more!

So make sure to join us during this fun weekend event! Win some great books, meet some new authors, and have a great time, all from the comfort of your phone/tablet/laptop! We look forward to seeing you at the cyber fairgrounds!

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We have winners!

Congratulations to Janice, Mike, and William, our winners in the “Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light” Goodreads giveaway!Jay is signing your books tonight, and they’ll be on their way to you tomorrow. A big thank you to everyone who entered – Jay is overwhelmed by how many people want to read his book, you’ve all put a big smile on his face!

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This is how you remind me…

Hi there, Jay fans! It’s Dawn again, with a reminder about the awesome giveaway we’re running over at GoodReads! You’ve got a little over 3 days left to enter to win 1 of 3 signed copies of Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light (and whatever other little goodies Jay decides to throw in the package). Just click the link below to enter. And while you’re there make sure to check out his author page to see what he likes to read when he’s not busy writing, ask questions about the book, or just say hi!

Take me to the GoodReads giveaway!!!

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Number 9, number 9…

Since Jay’s number is 9 (ask him why here ), we thought it was time to lower the price of Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light to $9.99 for the paperback version. Now he’s happy, and you should be too! All paperback copies ordered from the website will be signed by Jay, and will also include the PDF version of the book and a Stumbling bookmark.

And don’t forget, you still have a chance to win a signed copy of the book over at GoodReads


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It’s giveaway time!

Hi there, Jay fans! It’s Dawn again, with some awesome news for you! We’re pretty happy to let you know that we have a book giveaway running over at Goodreads.com! You can enter now to win one of three signed copies of Jay’s book, “Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light”! The giveaway ends on April 20th, and all winners will be notified via email.

What do you need to do to enter? You need to 1) be a GoodReads member, and 2) click on the link below. It’s that easy!


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