Why I Love To Write Bonus Post- The Importance of Hero Worship

For me, it’s very important to have people to look up to. I usually refer to it as ‘hero worship’, because that’s how I think of it. Now, looking at the term, I realize it may be a bit misleading for some folks. I don’t admire Captain America or Iron Man; that’s not what I think of as heroes. I admire Stan Lee, for making these fictional characters a reality for so many people; I admire Robert Downey Jr for taking it to the next level in bringing his character to life in movies. I don’t think fictional characters are a good thing to look up to, when there are real people behind them. I look to the real people for my heroes.

I also don’t literally worship them. These folks are people; I know that. I’m not looking for any one person to hold all of the answers to life for me, or even for themselves. There’s always somewhere higher to reach for, and this is evidenced in the fact that my heroes have heroes as well. If they didn’t have anything left to work on, they would be bored silly. I don’t expect them to live exactly as I think they should, or even remotely; only fictional heroes can personify perfection, which is one of the reasons I don’t look up to them. Any complete person has shortcomings as part of their completeness. The shortcoming doesn’t matter to me; only the accomplishments do, and the dedication to the path of improvement. Continue reading “Why I Love To Write Bonus Post- The Importance of Hero Worship”

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