Why I Love To Write #013 – Sudden Insight! Publishing!

Let’s slip back into the time stream as smoothly as possible here. I can rant, and get all lovey, and even wax philosophical from time to time; but I always bring it back around.

I had published my first book when Dawn and I came back into each other’s lives. I had hand-written my second book, the first installment in the ‘Walking Between Worlds’ trilogy. I thought I needed her to get it typed up, and find the right publisher. I thought she needed to keep focusing on the route I had learned about in books. I knew I wanted her to be my partner in life; I thought I needed her to be an assistant of sorts when it came to my books. Yeah, I was wrong about a bunch of things. Luckily, she wasn’t afraid to tell me so. Continue reading “Why I Love To Write #013 – Sudden Insight! Publishing!”

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Brain to Books Blog Tour: Everett Robert

I’m co-hosting the Brain to Books Blog Tour for the month of August – 31 days of indie authors, presented by Angela B. Chrysler. Enjoy today’s authors!

Just the Facts!

Author: Everett Robert

Angela B. Chrysler: What is your book about?
Everett Robert: BASED ON THE… is a collection of four (4) short dramatic retellings of famous stories either based on previously published material now available in the public domain. Continue reading “Brain to Books Blog Tour: Everett Robert”

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Happy #IndiePrideDay!

Today is Indie Pride Day, a day all about indie authors and indie books! Follow the #IndieBooksBeSeen hashtag all day today and find your new favorite author. We’ll be posting pictures of ourselves holding our books all day today, including this one.


There are lots of fun things happening today, so keep an eye on that hashtag, don’t miss out on any of the fun! Make sure to check out this IBBS Rafflecopter giveaway – you could win lots of great books from some amazing indie authors, including copies of “Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light” and “Walking Between Worlds; Book I: Demons & Angels“!

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