Thoughts That Hurt To Think #005 -Most Idiots are Men!

You may or may not know this by now, but I am very interested in the actual literal meaning of words. If the goal is to use complete accuracy in the way I express myself, I have to admit that I fall short even as I strive in that direction. There are a lot of words that get misused in our country, and that misuse leads to actual changes in their definitions. It’s hard to find a modern dictionary that tells us what one would have told us just a few years ago if you looked up certain terms.

Take, for example, the words we use to insult people that we don’t think are as smart as they should be. You have surely heard people use words like ‘idiot’, ‘moron’ or ‘imbecile’ in these instances; but you might not have realized that it was the accuser’s knowledge that was more likely lacking than the other person’s intellect, when they did. These originated as psychological terms, with very specific definitions, and it turns out that many people don’t realize that. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt To Think #005 -Most Idiots are Men!”