Why I Love To Write #032 – If You Could Do Anything

One of the most valuable tools I employ in continually finding myself is the regular practice of asking questions. I get answers from books and wise friends, but the most valuable answers always seem to be hidden within me. Books can tell me that happiness is found in pursuing our dreams, and my intuition can confirm it; but who can tell me what that dream is, other than me? And how do I follow it? I wrestled with those questions for a few agonizing years before I realized the answer had been staring me in the face the whole time. It was by asking other questions, that I found those answers. Want to hear my favorite, or at least one of them?

If you could do anything with your life, what would it be? Continue reading “Why I Love To Write #032 – If You Could Do Anything”

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Why I Love To Write Bonus Post – A Personalized Hierarchy of Needs

It doesn’t take much reading to stumble across Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ somewhere. Go ahead and Google it, if you want; I’ll wait. What you’ll find are some essays, and some pyramids. It’s no coincidence that it’s a pyramid, or that it is often depicted in rainbow colors; but that’s for later. I’ll sum it up quickly here. The typical layout looks like the old food pyramid many of us saw in school; you know, the one that was wildly misinformed? Well, this one is widely misunderstood. I want to make sure you understand my misunderstanding of it before I take the next step and suggest customizing it. I’ll be as brief as possible.

The bottom layer of the pyramid is about the basics. We need air and food and water and shelter just to survive, so the basic needs are in many ways our biggest needs. The next tier is what we tend to look for next, some level of continuity that we can rely on. We start to look for ways to take care of ourselves, our family and our property. We get a job, and do it every day, so we can have all those basic needs met. Our soul sighs when we know there is a way to reliably secure our continued existence; then it beckons us onward. Continue reading “Why I Love To Write Bonus Post – A Personalized Hierarchy of Needs”

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