Thoughts That Hurt To Think #024 – Just Not Right for Each Other!

Did you know that people can actually be allergic to each other? There is no question that pheromones play a part in who is attracted to whom; but that’s not the only part they seem to play. Each person’s unique body chemistry is affected a little bit differently by every other person’s unique body chemistry, and some of those effects can be pretty powerful. When it’s good, it can be really good.

But, when it’s bad…. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt To Think #024 – Just Not Right for Each Other!”

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What Makes A Relationship Successful?

[This is a snippet of a journal entry that was originally written on October 28th, 1997. As always, you can read what Jay thinks about this subject now in the Post Script – Dawn]

Our first responsibility is to ourselves. Our first concern must be ourselves. We can’t afford to care about anyone else until we learn to care for ourselves. Sound selfish? Not in the least. If you bring a flawed perception of love into a relationship, without having learned the truths of love, it will fail. It may last a lifetime, but it will fail. Continue reading “What Makes A Relationship Successful?”

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