Thoughts That Hurt To Think #018 – Artificial intelligence is!

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Thoughts That Hurt To Think #017 – The Dark Ages Were Actually Dark!

There are times to be grateful for meteors, and there are times to wish they had just gone and chosen another planet to bash into. It’s hard to even get historians to agree on when the dark ages actually were, and evidence points to future generations lumping us right in there with the past ones once our time is over. Thanks to those icy invaders from space, we can all agree on two things at least.

First, nobody wants to see a giant meteor crash into the planet anytime soon. We might be glad for the ones that came before, since they made it impossible for giant reptiles to thrive and very easy for large mammals to; but nobody wants to see the Earth’s plant and animal life get decimated like it has so many times before. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt To Think #017 – The Dark Ages Were Actually Dark!”