Newsletter Perks (aka, the Zombie Zero prologue is here)

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Well, what’s the point of subscribing to a newsletter if it doesn’t get you special treatment? I know that, and so does Dawn, which is why she made the companion tale to the Walking Between Worlds trilogy (The Walker’s Way) available only to newsletter subscribers initially. Now it can also be found in the Sudden Insight Publishing anthology Paws For A Tale, as can a collection of other wonderful stories from some great authors. But other than that, we didn’t know what to do to keep up the budding friendship other than regular blog posts.

Then we had a thought. With the other books I have written, the first few chapters have been made available to everyone in the weeks preceding their respective releases. We decided to change our approach with sharing, as well as our schedule. Rather than wait for the book to be done, and have four weeks of public posts, we are taking a different route with Zombie Zero. Continue reading “Newsletter Perks (aka, the Zombie Zero prologue is here)”

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