Thoughts That Hurt To Think #002 – Water is Alien!

When the Earth was first getting started, it was a real fixer-upper. It began as nothing more than a glorified rock floating in space, and grew as more rocks smashed into it and clung together. Once the mass resulting from these collisions got to a certain point, they started attracting bigger and bigger masses. Those masses clung together, as well; and after quite some time, they formed a mass that could be called a planet. There were very few of the natural resources that we rely so heavily on back then, as most of them were brought here by other chunks of rock floating about in space. Many of the precious metals that we mine on our planet are leftover chunks of meteor ore, and much of Earth’s topography was profoundly affected by these interstellar collisions. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt To Think #002 – Water is Alien!”