Why I Love To Write #003 – Stumbling Backasswards Into A Story

The story of the master and the apprentice has always been an important one to me. Whether it’s Yoda and Luke Skywalker, Dan Millman and Socrates, Richard Bach and Donald Shimoda, or any of the countless other stories like them out there, I love them. The student/teacher archetype is one of my favorite ways of learning and being entertained at the same time; it’s no wonder I chose it for the setting of my first book. I didn’t even mean to do it that way; it just sort of happened, and I watched it unfold much like the reader would.

All I had to work with at first was an empty notebook, a clicker pencil, a story that wanted to speak to me, and a first scene. That first scene played out in my head, first in a dream and then in my daydreams. Soon I couldn’t meditate or concentrate, and I knew I had to write it. I was bummed, since it was all I had to work with; finally, resigned, I sat down and got to work. Continue reading “Why I Love To Write #003 – Stumbling Backasswards Into A Story”

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Manipulation, The Bible, and You

[This journal entry was originally written on October 27th, 1997. As always, Jay’s current thoughts on this entry are in the post script. Happy reading! ~ Dawn]

Most of us learn manipulation. Most of us are subject to it. Most of us are shown manipulation as a form of love. All too often manipulation is demonstrated in lieu of love. So to bring love into ourselves, into our lives, into our relationships, we must first discover love. Everyone has their individual definitions. We can only bring True Love into our lives if we stop forsaking its true meaning for what we have been shown. Continue reading “Manipulation, The Bible, and You”

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Interpreting Forgiveness

[This entry was written over a two day period, and is a continuation of Jay’s journal from 1997. As always, you can read what Jay thinks about this subject now in the Post Script. Happy reading! ~ Dawn]


Through interpretation we can find serenity, or peace. Realize that the things you are hurt or upset by only hurt or upset you because you are programmed to react this way, and you will realize how you are denying yourself your own happiness. And Happiness denied, even for an instant, is the most blasphemous thing you can do… whether you are an atheist or a devoted priest. Continue reading “Interpreting Forgiveness”

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The Sudden Insight ebook Library

Alright, it’s not really a library if there are only two books in it. We’re getting there, though… and considering that Sudden Insight Publishing only has one author to represent at this point, and that the company didn’t even exist a year ago… we’re getting there.

My first book, Stumbling Backasswards Into The Light, has been available in print version for a few years now. That’s been a definite step up from an electronic file that I print off and give to people I meet that might enjoy reading it. It has been taken to the next level in the last year due to the diligent work of my Awesome Girl, Dawn. Her efforts made Sudden Insight Publishing a reality, got my first book formatted and made available in ebook at all fine electronic retailers. [Awwww! ~ Dawn] Continue reading “The Sudden Insight ebook Library”

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