Thoughts That Hurt To Think #008 – They’re Eating Our Pets!

I do not begrudge the fact that I grew up in rural Montana, or try to pretend it never happened. Many of the lessons that cities had to teach me in adulthood were put in a certain perspective given that rural upbringing, and I wouldn’t trade what I have learned from both to only have a mind full of memories from one. Country life has different things to teach than city life, and I continue to feel that they each have a lot to offer. Even if the main thing that we learn by changing our environment is that people vary a lot more widely than we once supposed, it’s a valuable thing to learn.

One of those variances is how food is viewed, in the many stages it must exist before it makes it into a person’s belly. It was strange to move into an area where almost no one I met had any experience in hunting or gardening, as was realizing that many people found one repugnant while seeing the other as a hobby usually dedicated to growing flowers that no one ate. Continue reading “Thoughts That Hurt To Think #008 – They’re Eating Our Pets!”